Ditch Subtitle Edit Explore These Exceptional Mac Subtitle Editors

Ditch Subtitle Edit Explore These Exceptional Mac Subtitle Editors

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Ditch Subtitle Edit: Explore These Exceptional Mac Subtitle Editors

Subtitle Edit for Mac: Download Alternatives

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Subtitle Edit is a free, open-source subtitle editor that allows users to create, adjust, sync, and translate the subtitle lines seamlessly. But one of the significant drawbacks of Subtitle Edit is that it is available only for Windows users. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Mac users cannot utilize the same function and feature set. There exists some software that is almost similar to Subtitle Edit. And given that there is no option to download Subtitle Edit for Mac users — you can use its alternative and utilize the same features on a macOS environment.

Read on to find the best Subtitle Edit Alternative to download on Mac.

Part 1: Top 3 Subtitle Edit Alternatives

After reviewing the tons of subtitle editors on the internet, we have composed a short but best list of the best alternatives of Subtitle Edit software for Mac users. And if you are used to Subtitle Edit and looking for a software that is likely comparable to mighty Subtitle Edit, you can ignore looking at this software. That said, here’s the list:

1. Aegisub

Free, open-source, and cross-platform program, AegiSub is the best alternative of SubtitleEdit because the software is comparable in most standards to the software. In fact, by comparison, AegiSub is substantial compared to the one in question. Including a built-in real-time video preview option, Aegisub allows users to see the look of the text on the videos while editing them. There are multiple options to edit the subtitles; for instance, you can change the size, font, and language based on preference and set it to video with exact timestamps. And given the fact it is a free platform; it is definitely worth a look regardless of whether you like the software or not. For the most part, if you like Aegisub, you will love Subtitle Edit and will not find it tough to utilize Aegisub to edit the subtitles.



  • Free of costs — you can donate if you like the program
  • Cross-platform — sign in with a single credentials on across all your devices and work anytime, anywhere
  • Multiple style, size, and font options
  • Built-in video preview to view the added subtitles


  • Interface needs improvement — instead of downloading the original version, try a version from Github that includes developed and enriched version of the software

Price: Free software; no hidden fees

2. Jubler

Another free software, Jubler, is also a viable alternative to Subtitle Edit. Having all the features same as Subtitle Edit, Jubler has enough functions and capability to stand against it with its head held high. One of the most lovable qualities of Jubler is syncing text to match video features that allow users to sync the text to exact timestamps and avoid problems like latency. But that is not it: Jubler also includes an ‘Audio Wave’ feature to let you target different parts of the video and add subtitles conveniently and easily. In all, if you need a simple Subtitle editor for a Mac — Jubler is worth looking at and trying it out. Still, given that it has limited options when it comes to Formats, collaboration, and conversation options, Jubler stands next to AegiSub in our list of best alternatives of Subtitle Edit for Mac.



  • Simple and navigable tool for Mac users to edit the subtitles, sync and match to video conveniently


  • Limited subtitles options available
  • No online editor — downloading is must

Price: Free software; no hidden fees

3. Subtitle Workshop

Supporting all the subtitle formats and incorporating all the tools that is ever expected from a subtitle editor, Subtitle Workshop accumulates the finest features into a simple and workable interface that allows users to add subtitles, edit, and sync & match to video easily. For instance, Subtitle Workshop allows you to handle both time and frame-based subtitles and edit them to perfection. The user-friendly, multi-lingual, and customizable interface is another likable trait that you will rarely find in the subtitle-editors realm. Not only this, but you can also utilize functions like Bold, Italics, and underline to add those subtle details and make the transcript look like a professional-edited one.

![Subtitle Workshop](https://images.wondershare.com/filmora/article-images/subtitle-edit-alternatives-subtitle-workshop-3.jpg)


  • Numerous customizable tools and functions for automatic timing and text manipulations. For instance, you will find automatic durations, spell checking, smart line adjusting, FPS conversion, search and replace, and many more!


  • No cross platform supports

Price: Free to use; no hidden fees whatsoever

Part 2: Edit Subtitle and Video with Filmora

If you are looking to edit videos and apply subtitles on a Mac computer, another considerable option is Wondershare’s Filmora. Including multiple edit options, Filmora allows you to add beautiful titles, subtitles, and text to a video or movie conveniently. Including all the features, Filmora allows video-editing novices to edit a video like a professional. The interface is straightforward and utilizing the application to its full extent will not be difficult for anyone, regardless of the fact whether they are experts or just starting out. And although a simple tool, Filmora includes all the powerful tools, including the Chroma Key, to work on a blue-or-green screen, add transitions, effects, and filters to the videos. Plus, you can add up to hundred layers of video and audio and create the most desirable video that tells the story exactly as you want it to.

  • If you are looking for a perfect video cum subtitle editor that allows you to add tons of styles, font, and animation features to the text present on the videos, Filmora is worth looking at.
  • It is a free-to-use application (premium available), you can try it out if you are looking for something along the lines of a subtitle editor.
  • It includes other features to edit the video too and not just sync and match video to text (like the ones mentioned above), Filmora is the app that you need on Mac.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version


Counting tons of other features Subtitle Edit includes in the program, it is not tough to see why it is one of the most popular subtitle editors in the Windows realm. Nevertheless, the above list of best alternatives that, as you have seen, includes everything that Subtitle Edit offers to the Windows users. If you are a user who is looking for a simple tool - then AegiSub should do the job. For collaboration projects — the Jubler is the best option. And for professional individual subtitle editing - Subtitle Workshop is the way to go.

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