Create Realistic Fake Faces with These Free Online Generators for 2024

Create Realistic Fake Faces with These Free Online Generators for 2024

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Create Realistic Fake Faces with These Free Online Generators

While signing up for a social media account, you may not want to use your real photograph as your profile picture, but at the same time, you might not find it ethical to use someone else’s image either. This is where a face generation portal comes into play. You can easily create a virtual face that looks almost like you and sometimes even better with a face generator.

Similarly, run a business where you want to publish your clients’ reviews without showing their real photos as they might not like the idea. You can use a good face generator online tool to create a virtual face that resembles their look and post it along with their feedback.

Considering the above scenarios and many others that may come up over time, the following list some of the best free online face generators to create fake faces.

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Best Free Online Face Generators to Get Virtual Faces in 2022

1. Generated Photos: Faces


This online portal enables you to create virtual faces by specifying the physical attributes of a character, such as gender, age, hair color, eye color, and much more. You can be as creative as you want to generate a face that appears somewhat like you with the available options. Once a look is generated, you can download and use it as needed.

The steps that are given below explain how you can use Generated Photos’ Faces section to create and download a virtual face:

  • Launch your favorite web browser and go to the URL given above, and then you will see all free AI-generated photos on this website.

generated photos layout

  • Use the filters given in the left pane to define your character’s physical attributes and click Apply from the bottom to get the results. You can customize the face from its head post, gender, age, hair, eye, and emotion aspects.
  • Click your preferred character from the AI-generated faces, and then click Download from the page that opens next. Choose your preferred method to sign up, and then sign in to download the virtual face to your PC.

2. Generated Photos: Anonymizer


Anonymizer is another section from the Generated Photos portal that allows you to upload your image. Then it uses AI technology to generate similar virtual faces that you can download and use wherever needed.

However, sometimes the pictures that the website creates may not resemble your face as closely as you expect them to be, but that’s OK. Isn’t it? The main idea is to keep your privacy intact, and that’s what Generated Photos: Anonymizer does.

You can learn how to use this section by following the instructions given below:

  • Use the URL given above to get to the Anonymizer’s web page and then click Upload photo;
  • Select and upload your photo from your PC to the portal and wait while Anonymizer uses AI to generate similar faces.
  • Click the photo that you want to use, and when the next page opens up, click Sign up or sign in to download the photo and use it wherever needed

recreate face with anonymizer online face generators

3. Generated Photos Face Generator


This online face generator from Generated Photos allows you to create a unique realt-time face from scratch in one click. And if you don’t like the face generated, you can change the parameters such as gender, skin tone, hair, eye and head pose.

Generated Photos Face Generator tool is a good choice for people who don’t want to upload any photos online, and need to customize the face at maximum.

Below is a brief tutorial about how to generate a face with it step by step:

  • Go to the website give above and then click the Generate faces
  • Select the parameters accordingly based on your needs. You can generate the same face young or old with different emotions.

generated photos face generator online

You can then download the generated photo by signing up or logging in, but you need to pay to remove the watermark.

4. Massless


Massless allows you to use its tools to sketch a portrait, and then it uses AI technology to generate a virtual face out of your drawing. However, because you can’t always be precise while sketching with the mouse, it would be good to have access to a digital drawing pad to create the faces with a pen. With Massless, you can explore your creativity to the full and draw beautiful faces to use them as your avatar.

You can follow the procedure given below to use Massless to draw virtual faces:

  • Open a web browser, and visit the URL given above. Click any icons from the toolbox at the top (E.g., Nose).
  • Draw a shape on its corresponding face area on the left (E.g., Nose), and wait while the portal automatically updates the photo on the right.
  • Repeat the process to sketch other parts of the face, and click the More icon (with three vertical dots) from the top-right corner.
  • Click Download images from the page that opens next to download the photo to your PC and use it wherever needed.

massless online face generator

5. This Person Does Not Exist


This free online virtual face generator is probably the easiest and quickest. As you go to the website, it displays a random realistic image of a person that may not exist. If you don’t like the idea, you can change it with merely a single mouse click. Because the portal doesn’t have any Download button at the time of this writing, you must rely on the web browser’s default downloading process to get the image to your PC.

You can follow the instructions that are given below to switch between the images and download the one you like:

  • Use your preferred web browser (Google Chrome here) to visit the URL provided above, and then notice the random image that appears on the page;
  • Click Another from the box that appears at the bottom-right corner to change the image, repeat this process until you find a good photo for your avatar, and then right-click anywhere on the image.
  • Click Save image from the context menu to save the photo. And then go to the default download folder to access the downloaded image, and use the picture wherever needed.

Note: Different browsers may have this feature with other names

thispersondoesnotexist free online face generators

6. BoredHumans


This web portal is identical to the previous one as it generates random virtual faces with merely one mouse click. Even this website doesn’t have any Download button to help you download the image. Therefore, you must use the browser’s built-in feature to obtain the photo you want to save to your PC.

You can learn how to use BoredHumans to generate virtual faces and download them to your computer by following the steps given below:

  • Open a web browser (Google Chrome here) and visit the URL provided above, and then click Generate Another Fake Human if you don’t like the one that appears;
  • Keep clicking the button until you find a face that can be used as your avatar. Alternatively, you can click the Generate A Human button to create a less realistic image of a random person.

free online face generators boredhumans

  • Right-click the image and click Save image to download the photo to your PC; and then get to the default download location to access the photo and use it wherever needed.

7. faceMaker


faceMaker allows you to generate virtual faces out of the fine details that you specify during the creation process. These details are adjusted using the sliders that affect the corresponding physical attributes of the avatars. For example, you can modify the lips, eye color, hair, face roundness, mouse depth, jaw shape, etc. using their respective sliders.

You can follow the steps that are given below to learn how to create a virtual face using faceMaker, and save it to your PC to use it as an avatar:

  • Use your preferred web browser to visit the URL given above and click Start from the main page.
  • Fill out the questionnaire by choosing your preferred options and agreeing to the term and conditions.
  • Click Start and then click Continue on the next page. Use the sliders on the left and right panels to customize the face as needed, and once done, you can use any screen capturing tool to take a snapshot and remove the sliders by cropping the image, thus having only the virtual face.

free online face generators facemaker

  • Save the cropped photo on your PC, and then back on the webpage, click Finished from the bottom-right corner.

facemaker online face generators face

  • On the next page, choose the radio buttons according to your choice. Once done, click Yes, submit now from the bottom to submit the customized virtual face to the portal.

download facemaker online face generators face


With all the cybercrime reports circulating everywhere nowadays, it is important to stay cautious about what you post on any social media website. To add an extra layer of security, you can avoid using your real photograph as a profile picture, and go with the fake faces instead. You can generate these virtual faces using any of the free online face generator websites, some of which even allow you to define the shape of a face quite minutely. Because the generated faces are not of any real human, they can be used as your avatar without any risk.

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