Explainer Video Software Review The Top Contenders for 2024

Explainer Video Software Review The Top Contenders for 2024

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Explainer Video Software Review: The Top Contenders

6 Best Explainer Video Software You Should Try

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The explainer video is the best content marketing strategy in recent times. It can be effectively used in order to communicate with your target audiences. Whether about your service, product or brand, the videos can be of several classical types for making animation .

The explainer videos let you get into the detailing of your service or product with the right message and it is the most effective way of video marketing. It plays an important role in engaging your audience and letting them understand your idea about your product or service.

Powerful animation software can help in making an amazing explainer video. In this article, you will learn the best explainer video software available to make your task easy and fast.

The Importance of Explainer Video

The explainer videos let you explain your business idea with a crisp personal message to your target audiences, building trust and a connection with your viewers. A small message within a second can grab the attention of your users if you place an explainer video on the landing page. It increases the visit time of your audience by 2 minutes.

The colors, landscape, and background of your video also play a major role in attracting your viewer’s attention. Character customization in your videos can generate an emotional connection with your audiences. This, in turn, helps to build trust and brand awareness.

Best Explainer Video Software

1. PowToon

PowToon is a 2D animation tool to create explainer videos and engage, teach or interact with friends or other viewers. If you feel ignored by your students or colleagues, create an explainer video with PowToon and grab the attention of every single audience. The features of PowToon are-

  • Complete an explainer video in just 20 minutes
  • Scripted and fully designed templates
  • Various training programs and webinars are conducted
  • Super fast and professional results
  • Proven to be more effective than any other tool

2. Rawshorts

From animation to ease of access, Rawshorts gives the users whatever they need to create an explainer video at the tip of their fingers. You just need to browse and select the right template, customize by adding text, media, transitions and more to enhance your explainer video and finally export and share. The features are-

  • Intuitive and easy platform
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Professional templates library
  • Animated charts


3. MotionArtist Software

Do you wish to bring the texts, word balloons, or characters to life? Use the MotionArtist, a specifically designed explainer video software that allows you to access easily to use tools for creating motion comics. The features of this tool are-

  • A powerful and intuitive way to add motion
  • The illustration can be used powerfully to create animation
  • Enter graphical representation in your explainer video
  • Automatic and advanced camera options with 3d effects

MotionArtist Software

### 4. Easy Sketch Pro

This explainer video software comes with some of the best features like you may choose from 500 icons, select the hotspot size, color, visibility, text and much more. Other feature includes-

  • Addition of autoresponder
  • Customize and add the webinar registration form from GoTo Webinar
  • In your explainer videos, you may add Vimeo or YouTube videos
  • Add SoundCloud mp3 to your videos
![Easy Sketch Pro](https://images.wondershare.com/filmora/article-images/Easy-Sketch-Pro.JPG)

5. CrazyTalk Animator

CrazyTalk Animator can be downloaded free separately for Windows and Mac users. For the users in trial versions, the CrazyTalk Animator offers G3 Character human template and 3 x fully functional PSD project. The features include-

  • Addition of animal, human, wings and spine characters from the G3 Motion libraries
  • Give smooth expressions with enhanced sprite-based face system
  • 2D motion key editing
  • Face and puppet key editor
  • G2 characters have 3D motion key editor
  • The elastic effect motion controller
  • Timeline editing

CrazyTalk Animator

6. Animatron

An engaging and fun animated explainer video maker, Animatron is a free marketplace with several pre-animated sets. Animatron explainer video software helps in creating videos that can help in increasing ROI and boost your marketing as well. The features of Animatron are-

  • Select from a range of pre-animated characters, props, and backgrounds to tell your story
  • Pre-animated characters and sets can be edited to adapt them to your business
  • Video customization by importing images, audio and fonts
  • Embed your creation on any website or blog
  • Several themes available




With the state-of-the-art marketing creations and advances, the video marketing platform attaining greater heights with each passing day. It can be about your company or how-to videos, explainer videos or webinars, training videos or satisfied customer testimonials. Adding the right video to the landing page can help you with 80% more conversions.

Explainer video still continues to progress and is affecting the lives of the people positively. The explainer video software has transformed the businesses meaningfully and helps to further create much-needed videos without any major difficulty. You may try the above-mentioned animated explainer video software available in the market to enhance your business grow and prosper.

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