Expert Picks Top Online Vertical Video Editors

Expert Picks Top Online Vertical Video Editors

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Expert Picks: Top Online Vertical Video Editors

Best Web-based Online Vertical Video Editors

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The videos you record with your phone need to be edited before you share them on social media. Whether you want to apply a visual effect just to trim the footage, either way, you are going to need a video editing app that enables you to perform these tasks.

You don’t necessarily need to install a video editor on your Smartphone or computer if you just want to brush up your videos quickly before you post them, because there is a variety of web-based online video editing platforms that offer all basic video editing tools.

In this article, we are going to take you through some of the best web-based online vertical video editors that you can use on Windows, Mac, Linux or ChromeBook. Note: The software listed below are in no particular order.

Top 7 web-based vertical video editors

Even though going through the aspect ratios a video editing platform supports is important, especially if you want to edit vertically oriented videos, this shouldn’t be the only aspect you consider while choosing a web-based video editor.

The affordability and the available video editing tools can also play an important role in your decision as they determine how efficiently you can edit a vertically oriented video. Let’s take a look at some of the top six web-based vertical video editors.

2. Kapwing

Price: Free, $20 per month for the pro version

Edit Vertical Video with Kapwing

Kapwing platform grants you access to a broad range of video editing options that enable you to resize a video , apply filters, edit audio , or add text to all videos regardless of their aspect ratio. All you need to do is upload the vertical video to the platform and pick which video editing action you want to perform.

Uploading files that have more than 250MB is not possible on the free version of Kapwing, although the platform doesn’t add a watermark to the videos you edit. In addition, you can only create videos that last for seven minutes or less with the free version of the platform, but if you upgrade to the Pro version of Kapwing, you will be able to export videos that last up to 40 minutes.


  • Excellent video editing options
  • No watermark
  • Supports vertically oriented videos
  • Great file sharing options


  • Limited video duration
  • You can’t export more than three videos per month with a free version of Kapwing

3. Rocketium

Price: $49 per month for an individual user

Edit Vertical Video with Rocketium

This is a design platform for digital marketers that can be used by both individuals and creative teams to produce visual content for online marketing campaigns. The platform’s video editing options include bulk editing, which enables you to render and export multiple videos at the same time.

Rocketium offers video editing support for both vertically and horizontally oriented videos so that you can choose the aspect ratio that best fits the demands of a social network to which you want to upload your content.

The platform offers a rich selection of predesigned video templates that can be customized in just a few clicks, which allows you to create an entire video in just a few clicks. Moreover, Rocketium can be easily integrated with software products from Adobe’s Creative Suite in case you need access to more powerful video editing tools.


  • Great collaboration features
  • Supports bulk editing
  • The rich collection of video templates
  • Changing a video aspect ratio is easy


  • More expensive than most online video editors
  • Aimed primarily at digital marketers


4. WeVideo

Price: Pricing options start at $4.99 per month

Edit Vertical Video with WeVideo

You don’t need an advanced set of video editing skills to create content to promote your business or producing educational videos for your social media pages. The content you make with WeVideo can be perfectly adjusted to Facebook’s, YouTube’s, Instagram’s, or even Twitter’s aspect ratio requirements.

The platform also grants you access to all stock content that you can use to create videos that can be used for various purposes. In addition, you can choose a video’s aspect ratio, regardless of the subscription model you have, so that you can create a square, vertical, or horizontal video with ease.

WeVideo is also equipped with screen capturing features you can use to record the webcam feed and a computer screen simultaneously. The maximum resolution in which you can export a video is either 720p or 4K , depending on the subscription model you have.


  • Allows users to produce social media content with ease
  • Offers support for vertical videos
  • Equipped with screen recording tools
  • Great selection of stock content


  • The amount of available features depends on the subscription model
  • Customer support can be better

5. Clideo

Price: Free, $9.00 per month

Edit Vertical Video with Clideo

Clideo is an online video editor that can be used to cut, merge or resize horizontal or vertical videos in just a few quick clicks. What’s more, the platform’s Rotate Video feature enables you to change the video’s orientation effortlessly, so that you can decide if you want to export a horizontal or vertical video.

This web-based video editor also allows you to create video loops , adjust the colors in your videos, or add subtitles to the footage you’re editing.

However, the lack of file sharing options, as well as a relatively scarce selection of filters and effects, make Clideo only a reliable option if you want to perform necessary video editing actions. Even so, you can make a horizontal video in just a few clicks with this online video editor.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Allows users to create vertical videos effortlessly
  • More affordable than most online video editors
  • Offers audio editing options


  • Uploading files larger than 500MB to Clideo is not possible
  • No batch exporting options

6. Clipchamp

Price: Free, pricing options start at $9.00 per month

Edit Vertical Video with Clipchamp

In case you are looking for an online video editor that allows you to create Instagram ads, YouTube videos, or slideshows, then you should consider using Clipchamp. The platform lets you choose the social media network for which you want to create content, and it features a massive selection of stock content.

Editing a vertical video with Clipchamp doesn’t require you to have years of video editing experience as you can pick the aspect ratio that best fits the project you’re working on. Moreover, the platform lets you add titles to a video , change its playback speed or apply filters and effects to the footage.

Clipchamp also has a massive collection of fully customizable video templates and it allows you to choose the video’s aspect ratio. Moreover, the maximum size of video files you can upload to the platform is not limited.


  • Unlimited video exports regardless of the subscription model
  • Excellent selection of video templates
  • Allows users to create content for a social network of they choose
  • No video file size limitations


  • The maximum resolution in which a video can be exported depends on the subscription model
  • The access to stock footage is not free


Price: Pricing options start at $29 per month

Edit Vertical Video with

Content creators who are looking for an online video editor that lets them create Instagram stories with ease should opt for the Besides offering the option to edit vertical videos, the platform enables its users to crop or resize their videos, add emojis to them, or change the color of the video’s background.

However, you should keep in mind that you cannot create videos that are longer than ten minutes with this online video editor. supports only a handful of video file formats , and you need to make sure that the video you want to edit is saved in either MP4, MOV, FLV, WEBM, or AVI format.

You can only download the content you create with to your computer as the video editor doesn’t have file-sharing options.


  • Powerful video editing options
  • No watermark
  • Allows users to export files in 720p or 1080p resolution
  • Makes editing a vertically oriented video easy


  • The maximum duration of a video is limited to ten minutes
  • Supports only the most common video file formats


Editing vertically oriented video doesn’t have to a long and slow process that takes days or weeks to complete. Each of the web-based vertical video editors we featured in this article has all the tools you need to create a vertical video quickly and effortlessly. Hopefully, this article has helped you find a vertical video editor that meets all your needs. Which web-based online vertical video editor are you going to choose? Leave a comment and let us know.

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