Expert-Approved MKV Trimmers for Mac

Expert-Approved MKV Trimmers for Mac

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Expert-Approved MKV Trimmers for Mac

Trim MKV Files with the Best MKV Trimmer on Mac

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Sometimes, videos downloaded from the internet can be way too lengthy, with quite a few unwanted parts. These videos often have an MKV file format and need to be trimmed! Editing unnecessary parts within an MKV video will make it more appealing. If you are a MacBook user, you may not find a lot of video trimmers out there that do the job right. To trim MKV mac video, you need intuitive software with a user-friendly interface. A suitable video trimmer with additional editing features is a jackpot for users who create video content often. In this article, we will suggest some easy-to-use video trimmers to make this task simple for you. Keep reading!

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  1. Top 3 MKV Trimmers to Trim MKV Files on Mac
  2. Trim MKV on Mac with Filmora

Part 1: Top 3 MKV Trimmers to Trim MKV Files on Mac

There is not much information available out there about the MKV trimmer for Mac. However, we did some research to find out a few MKV trimmers that work exceptionally well. Here you go:

1. Wondershare Filmora for Mac

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Wondershare Filmora for Mac is one of the most used software for MKV trimming as it has a lot of customizable options to cut a video into smaller parts. You can trim video to any length and size according to your preference. Filmora also has an advanced feature through which you can cut out repetition automatically.

Wondershare Filmora has both advanced and basic tools that work exceptionally well to create compelling videos. It has an audio ducking feature that one can use to manage sound within the video. You can use advanced features to make your content unique and of exceptional quality.

Among many unique features, its presets for various parameters make it easy to use even for beginners. With the use of royalty-free visuals, you can enhance the quality of the output file significantly. Filmora is fantastic for MKV trimming and has great editing tools to make videos highly professional.


  • Filmora has an audio ducking feature through which audio fades automatically to highlight dialogues.
  • Its ability to cut out repetition is commendable as it makes the editing process faster and more professional.
  • The royalty-free visual effects enhance the video quality and make it stand out amongst other videos.
  • Through color grading, you can correct the video tone and make it even brighter.
  • The speed control helps make the video shorter as you can speed up the time-lapse and slow down unique shots.
  • Filmora also allows you to track moving objects in your video and edit elements to it.


  • Color grading
  • AI portrait
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Cuts out repetition
  • Audio ducking
  • Green screen effect
  • Royalty-free visual effects


  • The free version contains the watermark
### **2\.** **Avidemux**

Avidemux - video editor to trim MKV video

Avidemux is known for its simple interface, which contributes to an easy splitting of videos without ruining the quality. With the simple drag and drop motion, you can edit videos without putting in much effort. The editing tools menu on the left side is ideal for selecting tools and applying them to the video.

Avidemux is not only an exceptional software for cropping and trimming videos but also has de-noising filters. The spartan interface has to be one of its unique features as it makes importing videos and photos easier. You can add transitions to the video after cropping to make the video look smooth.

People love to use this software to cut MKV files as it maintains the quality. You can trim the videos with high precision and not lose any significant parts from the actual footage. The software is frequently updated with modern tools to help create aesthetically pleasing videos.

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  • Easy to trim MKV videos
  • Functions with various platforms
  • Automated scripts
  • Different presets


  • No keyboard shortcuts

3. MKVtools

MKVtools for MKV Video Trim

MKVtools are one of the best cross-platform tools that you can use for both Windows and Mac. Through this software, a user can edit, trim, merge, inspect, and mix videos. It has a user-friendly interface through which you can edit videos to make them smaller in size.

MKVtools is easily a user’s most preferred choice as they have all the tools to make a video appear attractive. You can use it to add subtitles, add slow motion, fasten the video and do so much more using the editing tool. The trim MKV tool on mac supports various kinds of formats and can hold multiple audio and video files. The toolbox has various open-source utilities to make the final output HD-quality. Want to know the best part? The error and repetition detection functions are ideal for editing video without losing quality.


  • Holds limitless audio and video files
  • Open-Source utilities
  • HD-quality video editing
  • Cross-platform tool


  • Complicated to use for beginners

Part 2: Trim MKV on Mac with Filmora

Filmora is one of the best and intuitive tools to edit and trim MKV Mac files. The process to cut out unwanted parts is very easy. You can easily trim any MKV file regardless of its size, even if you are a beginner. Here are easy steps to trim the MKV file with Filmora quickly:

Step 1: Import MKV video from your Mac

The first step to edit an MKV video is to import it into the tool for editing. Click on the File option in the toolbar and tap the import button. Select the MKV file from your Mac and click import to upload the file on Filmora.

Import MKV video

Step 2: Trim MKV video

After uploading the video, split it into a few frames and zoom in by moving the slider as much as you want. Left-click on the frame you want to edit and tap on the split option to create further segments.

Trim MKV video

Step 3: Save and edit MKV video

You can also adjust the video size and make it smaller while maintaining the quality. Tap crop and zoom by clicking right to adjust the frame. Click ok when you are done and save the video.

Save MKV video

Trim MKV quickly with touch bar

Spending time editing and trimming MKV files can be annoying, especially if you have to go through extended footage. You can quickly cut video from the touch bar if you have a MacBook pro. Resizing one video multiple times has never been easy, but you can do it quickly with the touch bar function.

Open the video preview by double-clicking on the video in the media archives file. Choose endpoint and source by clicking on the icon. Finally, cut the segment to resize the video and keep repeating the process until you are happy with the size.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Part 3: Final words

MKV files are lengthy and probably have a lot of footage that you should trim. However, the lack of experience and proper knowledge of MKV trimmer mac tools can make this simple task challenging. We have discussed how to trim MKV files with the best MKV trimmer on Mac. The process is quite simple and easy and works well for both professionals and beginners. We hope you find our suggestions easy to follow and use them to optimize your video editing skills.

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