Everyday Moments, Epic Movies The Power of Video Editing for 2024

Everyday Moments, Epic Movies The Power of Video Editing for 2024

Giselle Lv9

Everyday Moments, Epic Movies: The Power of Video Editing

Quality Movie Maker: Turn Everyday Video Clips into a High Quality Movie

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Many people would like to know how to make a quality movie to share with family and friends. Actually, making a stunning home movie from your rough clips is not that difficult. In fact, if you get a quality movie maker, it can be easy to create an awesome movie that surprises anyone.

Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor), designed for both pros and casual users, is a quality movie maker for everyone to use easily. It features a stylish and intuitive interface and timeline-based video editing that lets you control over every element precisely. It also provides comprehensive sources in texts, effects, intro/credits, transitions, and sounds which will take your video to the next level. In all, it’s a great helper to turn your everyday videos into high quality video, perfect for sharing. Follow easy steps below to create your masterpiece now.

In addition, you can learn how to turn low quality video to 4K easily in Filmora. Watch this video!

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version ](https://tools.techidaily.com/wondershare/filmora/download/ )

After you downloaded and install this program, run it. Get used to its primary window very soon, and start to create a movie in high quality.

1Import your media files

This quality video editor provides two flexible ways to import videos. You can choose either of them below:

  1. Click “Import” to browse your file folder on computer, and select the files you need in batch.
  2. Drag and drop your video files directly into the Media Library.

When you smoothly load all of them, double click a video clip to preview it in the right previewing window. You can also take snapshots of your favorite scenes freely by clicking the camera icon.

Learn more about Importing

movie maker quality

2Edit video accurately and fast

With precise timeline-based editing and convenient editing panel offered, creating quality movies can be easy and quick. Right click a video clip in the Timeline to pop up a menu, and then choose all basic video tools like crop, split, cut, paste, remove audio, and more.

Learn more about basic vdieo editing tips

Tips: You can use the Timeline zoomer to zoom in/out the Timeline, so that you’re able to quickly locate the place you want.

low quality video to high quality video

3Enhance video with transitions and effects

This quality movie maker also takes your video to the next level with beautiful transitions and effects. Above the Timeline, there are hundreds of free templates included in the “Titles”, “Intro/Credits”, “Transitions”, “Effects”, “Sounds” tab. Select an ideal one to apply to the place you want with one click. When it come in place, you can further customize its duration and animation. There are more than 300+ effects, including fashion, beauty, Japanese set. Check it now.

movie maker high quality

Additionally, this quality movie editor provides some cool video effects like Tilt-shift, Jump Cut, Close-up, Mosaic, Face-off, etc. to make your video even more artful. And it also supports adding a logo to all your created videos to build your own branding.

Learn more about Advanced Video Editing Tips

low quality video to high quality video

4Produce your video in high quality

When satisfied with the result in the previewing window, simply click “Export” to export your video in a various options. It can be published to YouTube and placed on your Facebook, Twitter, burned to DVD, ISO image file, saved on your computer in various formats, or transferred to a specific device for enjoying on the go.

high quality video maker output

Note: This high quality movie maker also features an auto scene detection function, which helps to split your whole movie into different scenes during scene changes. In this way, you can quickly locate and focus the scenes you want.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version ](https://tools.techidaily.com/wondershare/filmora/download/ )

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