Elevate Your Videos Mastering Lower Thirds in FCPX

Elevate Your Videos Mastering Lower Thirds in FCPX

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Elevate Your Videos: Mastering Lower Thirds in FCPX

What Makes the Best Lower Thirds in Final Cut Pro X?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

The videos drop facts to audiences and educate the viewers. The video makers strive to offer a complete overview of the topic within a short duration. Graphics, elements, modules occupy the screen and excites the viewers. The advent of video editing innovations shifted the perspectives.

Here comes an enlightening discussion about the lower third modules in your videos. The tips and tricks associated with the making of this lower third element are available in the below content. Surf them carefully and learn the fabulous lower third templates to customize your videos to the next level.

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Part1: What is the lower third?

Are you aware of lower third elements? If you are a newbie video designer, then this article ignites you with reliable facts about it. The lower third module is a graphical element that takes the lower position of a video.

It carries texts to educate the viewers related to the discussed topic in the video. It adds information to the existing content playing in the background. On a clear note, had you observed the news boards displayed at the bottom of the news channel? Yes, of course, most of you must be aware of this element flashing the current news.

You can also observe this lower third module during an interview session on your television. It displays the name of the interviewer and extra data about the session.

On a short note, you can define the lower third module as a piece of a graphical element that hangs at the bottom of the screen displaying related data in pace with the existing video content. You can create the lower third module using an incredible tool for your videos in no time. Identify the factors to work on to refine the lower third module appearance and performances.

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Part2: What factors contribute to a good lower third?

While designing the lower third element for your video, you must keep an eye on few factors. Work on the below attributes to build a good lower third element. Always remember to keep it simple to obtain the desired outcomes.

  1. The harmony of hues

The color combinations of your lower third element play a vital factor. Choose the right mix of shades to attract the viewers. Based on the background, use a complementary color to fill your lower third module for a persuasive display. Ensure the combination of hues must not distract the viewers at any cost.

Try different color schemes with Green, Magenta, Orange, and Blue to create a mesmerizing display of the lower third element. You can also use a color picker tool to choose the right combination of colors that match perfectly with the background and typography.


  1. Motion effect

Thrill your audience by inserting movements with the lower third elements. When you add some motion effect to this module, it adds flavors to your video. Work on this feature in-depth and observe whether the lower third’s motion effect excites the audience. Customize the animation time, style, and the way it flashes on the screen.

Make the movements simple and do not add too many moves which distract the viewers. Decide how long the animation should play and align the texts and other related elements according to obtain a perfect look. With the perfect text movements, you can draw the attention of the viewers in no time.

  1. Fonts

The next crucial factor associated with the lower third element is fonts. Font size, the style creates an impact on the overall design of a lower third module.

If you concentrate on this attribute, you will surely end up with a professional design. Choose the font style and sine according to the background content. Do not overshadow the lower third element with the playing content, instead try to add value to it.

  1. Right timing of showing up

Now, you must sense the time for the module to turn up on the video. The timing factor contributes a lot to the perfect display of the lower third element.

Set the right time for the element to enter the screen. Decide the enter and exit timing attribute for this element to reach the audience in a better way.

  1. Logos and positions

Position the element at the perfect place on the screen to ensure its visibility. You can also insert your logos along with the texts to enhance your brand.

Proper alignment and the best coordinates on the screen make the lower third module shine better in your video. Proper placement of this element decides the impact on it.


Part3: How to make a lower third quickly in final cut pro X?

The Final Cut Pro X is a fabulous program to edit your videos professionally. Insert the desired elements and customize them quickly. To work on this platform, you do not require any special skills.

Click, drag, and drop appropriately to include the right elements at the perfect positions on the video. There is ample personalization options built-in with the Final Cut Pro X. It is high time to discover them for optimal utilization.

Features of Final Cut Pro X to design lower third module element

  • It has a built-in title element to add the desired texts in the video
  • Quick customization option to type in the relevant message on the screen.
  • This app consist of a user-friendly interface and the controls are explicit for easy reach.
  • Personalize the lower third element further using the ‘Generator’ option
  • You can include animations for the lower third module to persuade the viewers.


In this section, you will learn to make a lower third element using a Final Cut Pro X tool. It is high to check out the steps in detail.

1Step 1: Download the tool

You can download the app and install them in your system. Launch the tool by double-tapping the tool icon.


2Step 2: Add the Title

In the home screen, import the video that requires the edits and then tap the ‘Titles’ tab at the left top of the screen. Click the ‘Build-in/Build-out’ option to custom the Title element. According to your needs, you can repeat it to insert the desired titles on the video screen.


3Step 3: Customize the Title

Now, you can edit the texts in the inserted titles and add animation to the element using the attributes under the ‘Generator’ tab. Modify the title’s textures, background, and positions using the relevant options displayed. Choose accordingly to personalize the title element based on your requirement.


Use the above instructions, insert the lower third element in your video effortlessly. Simple click and drag actions are sufficient to carry out the desired effects on the element.

For those who still need more guides about making lower thirds, this Filmora tutorial may help a lot.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Part 4: Where to find great lower thirds templates for final cut pro X?

You can find the best collections of lower third templates in the online space. Evanto Elements offers an incredible design structure for the lower third module to add value to your videos. They are unique and jaw-dropping. You can opt for this template, instead of creating from the scratch.

According to your needs, you can select the template, customize it, and insert them on your videos flawlessly. Evanto offers the lower third templates based on the video content. It has organized the templates based on the end-use. Check out few suggestions on the built-in templates for the lower third.

YouTube Lower Thirds

If you have a YouTube channel, then make use of this collection to add a lower third module for your video. Increase the followers by adding the perfect texts at the right time on the screen. Easy to use design and displays attractive appearances.

Pop Lower Thirds template

Colorful and yet attractive design from the Evanto elements. This design has a fresh and creative structure to convince the viewer’s needs. It has a high-end resolution with a duration control option.

Minimalistic collection

In this template group, you can find the design seems to be simple and minimal. It offers a lighter touch to your videos. The text overlays do not distract the viewers. Everything looks the same but still, you can feel the difference in it when you customize it according to your needs.


Thus, this article had given you enlightening discussion about the lower third elements. Insert this module optimally in your videos and obtain the desired outcomes. Enhance the design of the lower third element using the Final Cut Pro X app and feel the difference in your video.

Display the texts promptly to enlighten the audience. Connect the texts to the target audience without distracting them. Work on this challenging element using a professional app like the Final Cut Pro X program. Stay tuned with this article to discover the new horizons of video editing.

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