Elevate Your Video Game Top Online Editors for Chromebook for 2024

Elevate Your Video Game Top Online Editors for Chromebook for 2024

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Elevate Your Video Game: Top Online Editors for Chromebook

Best Online Video Editors for Chromebook

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The increase in popularity of Chromebooks, over the past several years is more than justified because these devices have proven that they are much more than just a web-browsing tool. Using a Chromebook for educational purposes or to widen your network of business associates is becoming more common, while new upgrades of the OS bring improvements at an astounding rate.

However, editing visual content isn’t that easy for Chromebook users, because Windows or Mac applications can’t be used that easily on these devices. That is the reason why online video editors play a large role for all Chromebook owners who want to create videos that meet at least some of the professional standards. Luckily, currently, there is a large number of online video editors available that can offer a solid video editing experience to users who would like to piece their video clips together into visually attractive content.

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Best Online Video Editors for Chromebook

In such abundance of different online video editors, most Chromebook owners will find themselves wondering, which online video editor is the best for me. Although the answer to this question will depend on the user’s need and the reasons why they want to create a video, it is safe to say that the online video editors listed in this article are among the best that are currently available on the Internet. Let’s have a look at some of the best online video editors that will help you create visually engaging videos.

2. Magisto

Magisto Video Editor

Price: Starts at $2,49 per month and goes up to $39,99 per month

What we like: Creates high-quality videos and it uses artificial intelligence to help its users produce better videos.

What we don’t like: Premium and professional pricing plans have video duration limits

Assembling a great video has been made easy with this online video editor. Creating a video with the Magisto online video editor can be completed in three simple steps. Upload your photos or videos, select the video editing style that best reflects the type of video you want to create, select the music from the editor’s music library and let the A.I. video maker analyze the images and create the video you want. With Magisto there is no need to spend countless hours editing your business videos, however different pricing plans offer different amounts of options. The pricing plan for Marketers that comes at $39,99 per month allows its users to create video optimized for branding and advertising.

This pricing plan doesn’t have any restrictions regarding the duration of the videos, while Professional and Premium pricing plans limit users to movies that last from 2:30 up to 4:00 minutes. The owners of the Marketers version of this online video editor can use the editor’s stock footage collection that contains over 100,000 videos, and in addition, they can create videos in Facebook or YouTube styles. Magisto online video editor is a great option for businesses that want to create amazing video content fast and without much trouble.

3. Loopster

Loopster Video Editor

Price: Pricing plans range from $4,99 per month to $129 billed every three months

What we like: A large amount of storage space for videos on the cloud

What we don’t like: Loopster offers a very limited amount of transitions and other video editing tools, and you have to pay before using

Loopster’s functional and yet smart design makes this video online editor easy to use. Even the people who haven’t edited a video in their lives can learn how to use this remarkable video editor in a short period of time. Loopster offers a lot of storage space to its members, but the maximum file size users can upload is limited to 2GB. Depending on the price package users can have access to 20 or 30-minute timelines, which limits the possibilities of users who would like to produce longer videos. Even though a number of visual effects offered by Loopster isn’t as big as some users could expect, the online video editor enables them to slow down or speed up videos up to five times.

The owners of Movie Producer Membership, Education, and Business packages have access to over 600 sound effects, while all packages allow users to add text and graphics to the images they are processing. The maximum video resolution this online video editor can produce is 1080p, regardless of the pricing plan, but if you opt to use the free version of Loopster, the maximum video resolution is 480p. Even though Loopster provides only basic video editing options it is still one of the best choices as an online video editor for Chromebook users.

4. Animatron Wave

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![Animatron Wave Video Editor](https://images.wondershare.com/filmora/article-images/animatron-wave-online-video-editor.jpg)

Price: Free trial version, pricing plans for upgrades range from $39 to $149

What we like: Acess to over 2,5 million royalty free stock footage videos

What we don’t like: Lacks more advanced video editing features

Increase the traffic to your website, generate a better brand awareness and tell captivating stories by using the Aminatron Wave. This online video editor enables you to create amazing marketing videos from over 2,5 million free stock video clips. Using Animatron Wave is an efficient way to cut video production expenses and maintain the same level of quality of the videos that tell the story of your brand. The online video editor also permits you to upload your own footage and apply transitions or Call-to-Action effects you can preview in real time.

Animatron Wave is a great tool for producing social media videos online. Users can add text in many different styles to the footage they are processing while setting the aspect ratio of each video is also an option. Animatron Wave features a music library that contains 100,000 royalty free songs that cover various genres of music, which means that users of this online video editor will never have to worry about the soundtracks of their videos. This online video editor is an excellent choice for all Chromebook users who want to create videos that help their businesses grow.

5. Kizoa

Kizoa Online Video Editor

Price: From $29,99 to 299,99 depending on the pricing plan

What we like: Kizoa offers a lot of different transitions and effects

What we don’t like: Editor’s timeline could be better organized

Kizoa online movie editor offers a fast and easy way for Chromebook users to put together their holiday memories or any other precious moments from their lives. Kizoa offers a large number of different movie templates that feature fully customizable transitions and text boxes. All you need to do is select the videos or photos you want to include in the video and Kizoa will take care of the rest. The editor’s menu is composed of several tabs that offer access to transitions, effects, text, animation, and music. Users can choose from hundreds of different effects that enable them to apply color filters, special effects or motion effects, and in addition, the editor offers a large number of different transitions that can fit a wide range of different kinds of videos.

The music library offers royalty free content that enables users to create soundtracks, and users can also upload their own music. The editor offers the 4K video editing support, although this feature isn’t available with the free version of the editor. Kizoa can be purchased with several different pricing plans and you must only purchase it once and you gain the lifetime membership for one one of the best online video editors for Chromebook.

6. PowToon

PowToon Video Editor

Price: Free Trial, $19/month - $59/month

What we like: Makes animating videos easy

What we don’t like: Pricey

PowToon web-based video editor is designed to enable non-professionals to create engaging and visually stunning animations. This animation software is available in Free, Pro, Business and Team pricing options, although the Free version of the software can offer only a small portion of the software’s true potential. The price for Pro, Team and Business options ranges from $19 per month for a Pro version of the software to $59 per month for the Business option.

PowToon is a perfect tool for creation of business presentations and storyboards that tell your stories in an effective way. Users can have access to unlimited amounts of royalty free music, create animated charts and graphs or use a large number of visual effects. The software allows you to export 60 minutes of HD or 8 minutes of Full HD content per month, while you can download files in MP4, PDF or PPT file formats. Despite many advantages PowToon offers, it still may be considered expensive by some users.

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