Editing Like a Pro A Comprehensive Online Video Guide

Editing Like a Pro A Comprehensive Online Video Guide

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Editing Like a Pro: A Comprehensive Online Video Guide

Movie Editor: Complete Guide on How to Edit Movies or Video

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

At present, video editing is becoming more popular as most people find it more interesting and enjoyable as time pass by. Fortunately, this task doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult. It does only require the right tool to use. Get started with movie editing tools downloaded online with this complete guide to movie editing.

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Wondershare Filmora has an intuitive and simplified interface which is easy to use for beginners. With the creative built in video effects, you can add title & text, transitions, overlays, filters and elements to the video by dragging and dropping to the timeline and customizing per your need. However, one of the most exciting part is that Filmora now features the PC & Mac Cross compatibility, which mean that you can edit the projects on Windows and Mac both.

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Part1: How to Edit Movies Downloaded Online

There are quite a lot of online video sites for you to download classic movie clips or upload your home-made movie for online sharing. Having such sites will help you get the attention of many people around the world.

  • DailyMotion. This is one of the largest online video sites around the world. This site enables you to find video free clips easy with an impressive and nicely organized video home page. Most of the free video clips here are less than 4 minutes. DailyMotion is just very easy to navigate, and you are one of their registered users you can upload video clips up to an hour in high definition and length.
  • Metacafe. Just like with other online video sites, this site also specializes in more popular videos and short free video clips. Fewer videos here are easy and well organized. In this way, you can find video clips in different genres like TV, sports and music. Metacafe have a section that collects and curates the internet most trending viral video clips of the day. It is one great site for you to quickly find a specific trending video you have heard about.
  • Vimeo. This online video site specializes in Hd. It is one of the most amateur online video site, where in the results are anything but for amateur. Most of the free video clips here are user-submitted. This is also an online site that you can use to upload your videos clip.

Often times we will need to do some editing work on the film clips downloaded online before we can insert them to our projects, or share with family and friends. A top recommended software programs to use Wondershare Filmora . It can be used to extract music or sound effects from movie clips, or cut/merge/trim videos clips etc. Being compatible with almost all video formats and audio formats, it’s undoubtedly the perfect tool to edit almost any movies. A free trial version can be downloaded below:

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If however you are in a tight budget and don’t want to spend more on movie editing tools. Here is a list of Free Basic Video Editing Program that you can use to Trim, split, cut, merge movie clips:

  • VirtualDub. It is a video capture and processing utility for sixty four and thirty bit windows platforms. It has a batch of powerful processing capabilities for processing great numbers of video files and cab be extended with 3rd video filters.
  • Windows Movie Maker . This software runs on both Windows seven and windows vista. More advanced video users are using this program because of its full features and excellent options for more average users. It is considered as one of the best free basic video editing software today.
  • Light Works It is power film editing program, which have the potential of making a real movie. This program has been used for making large movie today.

Part2: How to Edit Video Clips Captured by Ourselves

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Three Main steps to Consider on How to Edit movie Clips

Step1: Prepare the materials: raw video clips, photos, background music.

Before you start to edit your video clips, make sure that all of these mention materials are ready to avoid any problem. If you want to become successful in editing your video, you need to consider this first step that it can help you make your video standout and catching to everyone.

Step2: Make a Movie: Choose a proper video theme, trim down unwanted parts, add background music, merge several clips, add logo, and add intro and outro.

Having an interesting theme for your movie can help easily catch your many viewers. Make sure that it is properly trim down with the different parts of the movie, and also put a background music that will make your movie interesting to watch.

Step3: Optimize/Polish the movie: Add some video effects such as filters, transition effects, sound effects, animated titles.

Adding these elements on your movie can help you get the interest of people. Such effects are the life of your movie, which it will bring the emotions; interest of people to continue watches it even how many times.

If you are just a beginner in editing your own movie, you can use the information above to help you do it successfully.

Now it’s you turn to download Filmora and use it to start editing your video footage.

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