Easy Video Reversal Top Online Tools for 2024

Easy Video Reversal Top Online Tools for 2024

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Easy Video Reversal: Top Online Tools

Best Online Video Reversers

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

When was the last time you saw an online video reversed and it made your eyeballs pop or made you laugh out loud? Reversed videos online, whether on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube are always fun to watch and if you’re someone who wants to reverse videos either to entertain yourself or others, then all you need to do is learn how to use an online reverse video maker.

The best part is – you don’t even have to download and install any software –they are all free to use and work directly from your web browser!

We’ve handpicked some of the best online reverse video makers in this article to help you make creative and inspiring reverse videos online:

Top Free Online Video Reverser Tools

2. Ezgif

Ezgif is a raving hit when it comes to a top-quality reverse video online editor. Its online animated GIF creation features are second to none and you can even reverse your video’s sound for added kicks! It’s a brilliant tool for those who enjoy creating GIFs. Other features include the ability to rotate and mute videos, as well as reduce the video file size to your liking.

Simply go to the Ezgif website and import the video from your hard disk or paste the URL. Once the video you want to reverse has been chosen, you’ll see the necessary details like height, lengthy, width, type, etc. Just click reverse video and then you can edit as desired.


  • Output quality is really good
  • Video importing and reversing feature is quick and simple
  • Supports a variety of common formats like mov, mp4, webm, avi, flv, 3gp, etc.


  • There’s a 100MB file size cap
  • No key functions as such to further boost image quality

3. Clideo

Clideo offers a remarkable suite of video editing tools and an online video reverser is just one of the tools, in addition to a Video Looper, Video Joiner and Meme Maker. All it takes is three easy steps and you can edit and download your reversed video.

Upload your file to Google Drive or Dropbox first, then go to the Clideo link above and select choose file. Alternatively, you can also paste the video link from YouTube, Facebook or wherever the video is. Once the video has been unloaded on the Clideo online reverse video maker page, select your reverse speed and format, and click/tap “reverse”.


  • Fantastic free online video reverser for reversing videos from YouTube and other popular channels
  • You can convert video and audio to the most well-known and popular formats
  • You can even compress your video and alter the DPI to improve the quality
  • The Dropbox and Google Drive integration means you can conveniently upload files on the go


  • Free version has a 500MB file size cap
  • The upload process can be painfully slow at times
  • The exported video will bear a watermark

4. Kapwing

This online reverse video maker comes with just the right amount of features to make any creative video reverser or marketer smile with amusement. Go to this page to check it out or either upload the video directly from your hard disk or portable storage media, or paste the URL from your favourite video playing sites like YouTube.

The one thing that really makes Kapwing stand out as an online video reverser is that you can reverse YT videos by URL alone. You can also use it to create montage videos and crop videos, among other things. Choose from reverse speeds between 0.5x and 2x, and enjoy the video trimming features that come standard. Kapwing even lets you try out a free sample just to see how the software works. Fantastic!


  • Videos can be played and saved in the same resolution as the YouTube video quality
  • No limit on the free usage plan
  • Reverse YouTube videos directly online
  • Trim videos, mute audio and adjust reverse speed up to 2x for exciting playback


  • Reversed video length limited to 7 minutes
  • Videos larger than 250MB cannot be uploaded
  • Some YouTube videos are not accessible (for some strange reason)
  • You must pay to remove the watermark

5. VideoReverser

If you’ve ever been remotely interested in a reverse video online editor, then chances are you’ve already heard of VideoReverser . It’s widely popular and used the world over as an online video reverser, offering compatibility with the most common video formats including mp4, mpeg, mpg, m4v, mkv, mov, flv, avi and others. You can set the output to any one of the popular formats like mpg, mov, mwv and mp4.

Much like the other online video reverser tools featured in this article, VideoReverser also works along the same premise: upload a file from a location on your computer/mobile device or paste the video URL. Select your output format, choose whether you want to mute the audio, and that’s it.

Choose from four different output formats, mpg, mov, mp4 and wmv, and click the Start button to view your video backwards.


  • It’s super-free – as in, free forever!
  • Option to remove the audio track entirely


  • Files larger than 10MB cannot be uploaded
  • However, sometimes, if you upload a video around even 3-4MB, it will give an “unexpected error”

6. Rocketium

Rocketium is another free online reverse video maker for reversing GIF or video files. Once the reverse file has been generated, you can download it to your desired location or share it across your social media channels.

Open Rocketium in your browser, choose the ‘upload a file’ option or drag/drop media in the box under this option. Choose ‘download’ to save the reversed media file and you’re all done.


  • Massive support for different file types – 22 to be exact!
  • Save the reversed video either on your device or share it directly on your social media accounts


  • Exported files will have the Rocketium watermark
  • Some users have complained about the mobile version not being as robust as the desktop one

7. Movie Maker Online

Another fantastic and free reverse video online creator which requires no registration whatsoever. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about any site labels or watermarks on edited videos.

Visit the online video reverser’s page and drag-and-drop your video to start editing. It’s fairly straightforward and quick. Save and download your video, and you can reverse it to your heart’s content!

Movie Maker Online is a fantastic introductory platform if you’ve no experiencing editing or reversing videos. Additional features include the ability to trim, merge and rotate videos. You can speed up and splice reversed videos and do joining and cutting according to the final result you desire. You can also add free music to your edited videos and a music fade in/fade out effect.


  • Fantastic results without any watermarks
  • Music fade in/fade out features not found in other online video reversers
  • Preview feature helps you fine-tune output as desired


  • Ads pop up expectedly throughout the editing process making it difficult to focus
  • Uploading speed can be slow at times which becomes annoying when you just want to edit the video and quickly share it

8. Resizegram

No list talking about online video reverser tools would be complete without mention of Resizegram. Everything beautifully as you’d expect straight out of your browser like the other online video reversers.

Choose your file by browsing from your device or drag-and-drop directly. Resizegram supports videos as large as half a gigabyte, so if you’re planning to upload large files, it could take up to 10 minutes or more, depending on your internet connection.

While your file is getting uploaded, you need to keep your browser window open, although you can safely browse other websites during this time. If your file is taking longer than 30 minutes to upload, you’ll need to upload again as the video conversion process can sometimes get stuck.


  • Preferred by many as a great free online video reverser tool
  • All you need is a modern web browser and that’s it
  • Very simple to use even for those who have never done any video reversing online
  • Works seamlessly with iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac devices
  • Option to manually remove files from the Resizegram server
  • No registration required – just upload your file and enjoy


  • Even though the 500MB file size cap seems generous enough, it may not be sufficient for some ‘power’ reverse video creators
  • The upload process can be slow, especially the larger your file size is towards the above cap

In closing

With a myriad of free online video reverser tools to choose from, there are options a plenty for everyone – from the most basic of users to advanced users who love to create and market reversed videos for a living.

If the upload file size is an issue for you, for example, then you may prefer certain online reverse video makers over others. All in all, each one of the above we’ve reviewed should give you plenty of options to play around with, as you and your audience or friends get entertained over some reverse video silliness!

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