Easily Combine Photos and Videos Best Online Collage Generators for 2024

Easily Combine Photos and Videos Best Online Collage Generators for 2024

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Easily Combine Photos and Videos: Best Online Collage Generators

Best Online Photo and Video Collage Makers in 2024

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Sometimes a single picture or a video can’t tell the entire story you’d like to share with your friends and colleagues. If you find yourself in a similar situation often, then you already know that you have to find a way to combine several still or moving images within a frame in order to tell your story properly.

Online photo and video collage makers offer a quick solution to this problem because they feature a number of collage templates that let you merge multiple videos or photos and create a visually impressive collage. Read on if you’re looking for an easy way to produce photo or video collages because in this article we are going to take you through some of the best online photo and video collage makers you can find on the Internet.

Making Video Collages in a More Creative Way with Filmora Video Editor

Filmora now features the animated split-screen effect which will make your videos more interesting. Just drag and drop the clips that you want in the split-screen preview window.

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Best Online Video Collage Makers [Free & Paid]

Platforms that exclusively offer video collage-making services are rare, and in most cases, you have to use a web-based video editor if you want to create video collages online.

In addition, the video editing platforms that do provide the video collage feature, offer only a limited amount of video editing tools, which is the reason why it is still better to use video editing software for PC or Mac computers if you want to make video collages professionally. However, there are still a few online destinations where you can combine several videos with ease.

1. Kapwing

Price: Free, $17 for a monthly subscription

Kapwing Online Video Collage Maker

Kapwing is undoubtedly one of the best online video editing platforms around because it offers a broad range of video editing tools. It video collage feature lets you combine GIFs, videos and photos which makes it a perfect choice for both professional social media content creators and novice video editors. The process of creating a video collage with Kapwing is remarkably easy, as you just have to upload the videos you want to combine and adjust their position on the screen. You can then enhance the colors in each video separately, use the Bring Forward and Send Backward options or fine-tune the playback speed of the videos in your collage. However, all video collages created with the free version of the platform are going to be watermarked and you must subscribe to the Pro version of Kapwing if you want to make watermark-free video collages.

2. Animoto

Price: Free trial available, pricing plans start at $15 per month

Animoto Make Video Collage

Image from Internet

The huge selection of fully customizable templates Animoto offers enable you to create videos for a broad range of purposes. You simply have to decide if you want to make a new product launch video, real estate explainer video or step-based tutorial and then upload the materials you would like to use to create a new video. Animoto also lets you add text, photo, video or collage blocks in case the template you’ve selected doesn’t contain all the elements you want to feature in a video. So if you want to create video collages with Animoto you simply have to add as many collage blocks as you want and then import the footage you’d like to include in a video collage.

3. Kizoa

Price: Free, lifetime plans pricing start at $29.99

Kizoa Make Video Collage

Yet another versatile online video editing platform that enables marketing professionals and video editing enthusiasts to create new videos in just a few simple steps. Kizoa’s collage maker grants you access to hundreds of templates you can customize to fit the demands of the project you’re currently working on. You can choose from still and animated templates that can be used for anything from wishing your friend happy holidays to putting together your fondest memories of the year together. However, choosing one of the available pricing plans is necessary if you want to make video collages with Kizoa on a constant basis.

4. FotoJet

Price: Free, pricing plans start at $3.33 per month

Fotojet online  Collage maker

Even though FotoJet is primarily a platform for design and photo editing, it still enables its users to create video collages. However, you can only use photos to create video collages, which limits your options significantly. The process of making a new video collage is easy, as you just have to pick one of the available templates and proceed to upload the images you’d like to include in the collage you’re making. After customizing the template you can share your creations on social media, but keep in mind that the free version of the platform offers only limited capabilities.

5. VidDay

Price: pay per lenghth, start at $5 for 0-3 mins

Vidday online  Collage maker

VidDay enables you to create a new video collage in just three simple steps. You should start by specifying the occasion for which you’re creating a video, it can be anything from work anniversary to your best friend’s birthday. You will then be asked to add the dates and all other relevant information, and to upload the videos you’d like to include in the collage. The only downside is that the content you create with VidDay can’t be longer than two minutes and that you have to choose a subscription plan if you want to export your videos in 720p resolution.

Best Online Photo Collage Makers [Free & Paid Options]

Unlike making a video collage, creating a photo collage is a much less technically demanding operation. Hence, performing this task with a web-based photo editor is much easier because the time you’ll have to spend waiting for the pictures to upload is considerably shorter than the amount of time you’ll have to spend on uploading videos. Here are some of the best online photo collage makers you can use to make awe-inspiring collages from your photos.

1. Wondershare Pix Studio

Price: Free, $5.99 per month billed yearly, $7.99 per month billed monthly.

Wondershare Pix Studio

Wondershare PixStudio is an all-in-one and powerful online graphic design maker for everyone. This online platform empowers anyone to create a beautiful design within a few steps. No professional skills required! By simply dragging and dropping the creative elements and templates, you are capable to release your imagination and convert it to stunning artwork.

2. Ribbet

Price: Free, $3.33 per month billed yearly, $6.99 per month billed monthly

Ribbet online  Collage maker

Upon arriving at Ribbet’s homepage, you should click on the Create Collage option and once the collage editor window loads you can choose the template you like the most. These presets are divided into Basic, Grid, Big Photo and Jigsaw categories and once you find the one that you want to use you just have to click on it and proceed to upload the pictures from your computer or from your accounts on social media. Optionally, you can change the background color of the collage you’re making or adjust the Proportions, Spacing and other settings. Hit the Done button when ready and continue editing the photo collage you’ve created.

3. Canva

Price: Free, pricing plans start at $12.99 per month

Canva  online photo  Collage maker

Canva is a platform for graphic designers that offers an easy way to create visual content for social media. It also provides the opportunity for large teams of graphic designers to collaborate on projects. The platform’s photo editor features a huge collection of customizable collage templates you can use to promote different products or services. Skilled photo editors can use Canva to create authentic photo collages, since the importing photos and arranging them on a blank canvas is a straightforward process that requires a minimum amount of time. When done, you can save your photo collages to your computer, share them on social media or store them on Google Drive.

4. Photo Joiner

Price: Free

Photo Joiner  online photo  Collage maker

You can create a photo collage with Photo Joiner even if you have no previous experience. You just have to open the platform’s photo collage editor and then specify how many images your collage should contain. Keep in mind that Photo Joiner allows you to add the maximum of eight pictures to a photo collage, which can limit your options if you’re trying to create a collage that contains ten or more photos. You can adjust the size and the aspect ratio for each image you add to a collage and you can also change the size and the color of the picture borders.

5. piZAP

Price: Free trial available, $2.99 per month billed annually, $2.99 per month billed annually

piZAP online photo  Collage maker template

The large selection of templates and a broad spectrum of photo editing features make piZAP one of the best online collage makers. Furthermore, this online photo editor features a built-in library of stock images, so that you can make photo collages even if you don’t have your own material. There are a lot of different photo collage templates available that enable you to make a new photo collage effortlessly.

The piZAP platform is an excellent alternative to pricy photo editing software products because it enables its users to manipulate images at a professional level. Nonetheless, you must create an account on this platform and choose a subscription plan before you can start editing your photos with this online tool.

6. Fotor

Price: Free, pricing plans start at $8.99 per month

Fotor online photo  Collage maker templates

After signing into your account on the Fotor platform you will be able to choose from Classic Collage, Artistic Collage, Funky Collage, and Photo Stitching categories. Clicking on either of these categories enables you to access a number of different templates you can customize in accordance with your needs. The maximum number of photos you can include in a classic photo collage is limited to just ten. You’ll also have the option to resize the pictures, fine-tune the borders or change the color and the texture of the template you selected. Some templates from each of the collage categories are going to be watermarked if you are using the free version of Fotor.

7. PhotoCollage

Price: Free

Photocollage  maker

This is a simple and yet a powerful photo collage maker that lets you arrange your images freely. You can just drag and drop the pictures you’d like to use in a photo collage from a folder on your computer and arrange them manually. The Template folder offers a huge collection of photo collage templates, which enables you to create a new collage in just a few minutes. The PhotoCollage platform also has the text option in case you want to add a text layer to collage you’re making. The Shape and Size, Border or Filters settings can all be used to enhance a collage and make it more visually appealing.

8. PicMonkey

Price: Free trial available, pricing plans start from $7.99 per month

PicMonkey online photo collage  maker

PicMonkey has been among the best design and photo editing platforms for nearly a decade. That is why it is hardly surprising that creating a collage with PicMonkey is a quick and simple process. You can choose from hundreds of collage templates you can easily customize, so you just have to select the one you like and decide whether you want to keep the images that are already included in the template or replace them with the pictures you created. Keep in mind that you must select a subscription plan in order to be able to save or share your photo collages.

9. Photovisi

Price: Free, pricing plans start at $4.99 per month

photovisi online photo collage  maker

Making a new photo collage with Photovisi is a fun process that can be completed in just a few easy steps. Start by browsing through the online photo collage maker’s library of templates, and click on the one that you want to use. Once the template opens you can upload the pictures from your computer or from Facebook and Instagram. You’ll also be able to add new shapes and text layers to the template or change its background. Each visual or textual element you decide to include in your photo collage can be edited so that it fits the visual style of the collage perfectly. The watermark is going to be added to all your creations if you decide to use the free version of Photovisi.

10. Adobe Spark

Price: Free, $9.99 per month for the full version

Adobe Spark online photo collage  maker

Impressing your followers on social media with the content you share won’t be difficult if you decide to create that content with Adobe Spark. There are hundreds of templates available for various kinds of social media posts, so to create a photo collage you should just pick a template. You can change the layout of the template if you want to alter its original design and you can upload images from your computer or use the Adobe Stock option. The best part is that you can apply filters to all photos you add to a photo collage and make their colors more vivid.

11. Photo Collage Maker

Price: $5.56 for a single image

online photo collage  maker

Photo Collage Maker lets you choose from more than 250 photo collage templates that are suitable for virtually any purpose. The number of pictures you can include in a photo collage can vary from just two to more than 75 and it depends on the template you choose. You can also automatically desaturate all the images in a photo collage by clicking on the B&W/Color icon or change the background with a single click. Photo Collage Maker doesn’t offer any border options, so you can’t really control the spacing between the images. Downloading a 1-megapixel file from this platform is going to cost you $5.56.


Combining multiple photos or videos and making collages that are going to attract a lot of attention on social media has never been easier. Hopefully the online collage makers, we included in this article will help you create photo and video collages that are going to impress your friends and colleagues.

In fact, through multiple updates, now we made it super easy to make a collage video with Filmora. Rather than making a photo collage, why not make a video collage?

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