Easiest Video Making Apps for Mac Unleash Your Creativity

Easiest Video Making Apps for Mac Unleash Your Creativity

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Easiest Video Making Apps for Mac: Unleash Your Creativity

Best Video Maker for Mac: Easily make videos on Mac

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Finding a good video maker for Mac is not always easy – not for lack of options, there are many applications out there, but there are two main limitations: money, first and foremost, we all know how expensive video makers – good video makers – can be. The second limitation is complexity: sometimes you end up spending more time reading the help instead of editing, and the application you’ve chosen probably contains the features that you need – except that you have serious problems finding them on the menu.

1. Wondershare Filmora Video Maker for Mac
2. iMovie
3. Blender

Best Video Maker for Mac

Some video makers manage to stay on top by avoiding, or at least limiting these problems, and here are three of those.

1.Vieo Maker on Mac: Wondershare Filmora Video Maker for Mac

Wondershare Filmora for Mac offers perhaps the best value for money (not to mention that it has a free version as well if you’d like to try it first. It supports pretty much any format you may think of (AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, MKV, TRP, and so on), and it’s quite easy to use when it comes to the most basic features you’d expect in a video editor, such as cropping, joining, trimming, and rotating, as well as for adding some effects, transitions, and sound effects.

Because of that, Wondershare Filmora may actually be deceptively simple – because it’s capable of much more powerful features, if you take your time to study all its options, such as picture in picture, green screen, if you fancy yourself the next Hollywood director, adjustable playback speed, separation of the audio track from the original video file, tilt-shift effects, which can create very interesting results in a video, automatic noise reduction, and image enhancement, to bring back to life the subjects of the video, and automatic scene detection – allowing you to create a new video clip every time a scene changes. And there are a lot more things you can discover for yourself if you spend some time playing around.

Wondershare Filmora will also allow you to upload your creations directly to Facebook or YouTube, or to burn them on DVDs, so you can get straight into the next project without wasting any time.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2. Video Maker for Mac: iMovie

iMovie is the proprietary software provided by Apple as part of its iLife suit. You may find it already installed on your Mac if you’ve just purchased a new machine. If not, it’s free to use after you purchase iLife.

It’s not the most powerful and complex application out there, as you can imagine for a piece of software that comes pre-installed, but it’s a good first stop for people who are just starting out in this field and need to learn the basics of editing videos on Mac without too many headaches.

It has many easy-to-use effects and lots of build-in animations, music samples, and sounds to get you started on your first project immediately.

Granted, iMovie has sacrificed a lot of features for the simplicity of use – sooner or later you’ll want to move on to something more complex, but, for beginners and for people who just need to add a few editing touches to a project here and there, this is a more than the reasonable solution. Don’t let yourself put off by the fact iMovie has a rather bad reputation online – of course, that very advanced users are disappointed by it, but you can use it for a while and you’ll know when it’s time to move on.

3. Video Maker on Mac: Blender

When you’ve exhausted the possibilities offered by iMovie and you need more power, Blender will be there, waiting for you. It’s by far the most impressive of the free video makers for Mac – it’s an open-source program, developed by the community – so it’s always free to use, you won’t stumble upon any hidden charges later on.

Like all open source applications, Blender is not the most intuitive at the first glance, but it more than compensates with the impressive range of features that bring it to the same level as a professional application. If you’ve been struggling to get everything just perfect before, now you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips and you only need to unleash your imagination. It’s 3D modeling options have been frequently compared to those that can only be found in applications that cost more than your Mac (maybe even more than your car, come to think of it).

Moreover, the community will always be there for you – if you have any questions or if you get stuck, you only need to post a question online and somebody will be there to help you out – not to mention the very large number of tutorials available online, with more being added almost daily.

If you’re not sure about this, you may want to start by searching online for clips created entirely with Blender. Of course, yours won’t be masterpieces from day one, it will take some time to get used to this application – but you’ll get some idea of how powerful it can be, and the level of mastery that you’ll want to achieve, eventually.

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