Download Lumafusion for Mac Top Alternatives Included for 2024

Download Lumafusion for Mac Top Alternatives Included for 2024

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Download Lumafusion for Mac: Top Alternatives Included

Lumafusion for Mac: Install It or Get Alternatives

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

LumaFusion is one of those applications that cannot go unmentioned in the list of best video editors for touch screen users. And for a reason: LumaFusion incorporates all that is expected from a good video editing software.

Scroll down to find more about LumaFusion Mac, how to install LumaFusion on M1-based Mac and iOS devices, and its alternatives!

Part 1: What is Lumafusion?

LumaFusion is a powerful multitrack video editor that provides you with limitless options to edit a video to the finest quality, especially on touch screens. Recommended for journalists, filmmakers, and professional video producers, LumaFusion is the best application if you are looking to edit videos on the go!


Key Features:

  • Employ up to six layers of video and audio tracks simultaneously
  • Use preset transition options or create one yourself
  • Display the edited video on another monitor in real-time while editing on the other
  • Fine-tune and keyframe audio levels to perfect mixes
  • Use multilayer titles with the desired shapes and sizes
  • Work in frame rates from 18fps to 240fps and more!

Part 2: Lumafusion can Run on M1-Based Mac

While LumaFusion does not have a Mac version yet, it made clear that M1-based Mac supports the LumaFusion to run on a macOS environment. Yes, it might get inconvenient if you are not used to mouse navigation. Still, all features remain the same, and you can edit the videos to the same level. Plus, given the recent upgrades, LumaFusion has enabled users to change the touch option to mouse and keyboard, so you can customize the options accordingly and even use keyboard shortcuts to work seamlessly.

How to install Lumafusion

Here’s how to install LumaFusion on M1-based Mac:

  • Open the App Store.
  • Type in LumaFusion in the Search menu.
  • Navigate to the right pane and find the LumaFusion application from the list.
  • And select Get to install the LumaFusion application on M1-based Mac.

Once LumaFusion is installed on the Mac, you can work around the software like on iOS devices. All you have to do is go to Touch Alternatives options to change the customizing options.

Part 3: LumaFusion Alternatives on Mac

Although mighty and powerful, LumaFusion can be an annoyance to some based on personal preference. So, we are listing the two best alternatives of LumaFusion that includes almost all the features and enables you to edit the video to the same level.

1. Wondershare Filmora for Mac[for beginner and intermediate]

Filmora for Mac is suitable for all i.e., beginners, intermediate, and advanced video editors who want to utilize all the professional options yet need a simple interface. And given this smooth shift from beginners to experts — we recommend Filmora to the beginners and intermediate users who want to make a career or follow their passion for video-editing for years to come.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Coming to the features, Filmora includes all that is needed to enhance the video clips’ quality and give it unique and personalized effects.

Here are the key features of Filmora:

  • Intuitive and simple interface, allowing even the least video-editor literates to personalize their videos to the full extent
  • Pre-created filters and color pallets to color-correct the videos or you can utilize the professional color wheel and automated color-correction features to allow users to balance the color themselves
  • Create simple animations with one-click preset options or take animation into your hands and personalize every aspect of the video manually, including position, size, opacity, and volume
  • Includes a library of royalty-free music to incorporate tunes to the videos or you can utilize customizable options to bring consistency to your sound
  • Large effects library with numerous customizing options and built-in filters, effects, overlays, and transitions to apply them with one-click

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2. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Apple’s native Final Cut Pro X is another perfect alternative that has managed to make the top list when it comes to the best video editing software for the Mac since its release in 2011. And although it’s a pricey option, Final Cut Pro X offers a 90-day trial period to judge the application for yourself. Of course, the trial version excludes some additional content like extra sound effects, presets, the space designer plugin, and advanced video formats. Still, it should be enough to review the application.

Coming to the features, Final Cut Pro X takes things to a different level and offers you the best-in-trade functions to edit the videos to perfection. Including superior organization tools, libraries, ratings, tagging, auto analysis for faces, scenes — the interface of Final Cut Pro X speaks of the effort the designers have put into the software. Moreover, the multi-cam support, multiple later editing, audio effects, and the recent upgrade of smoothing 360-degree footage and HDR modes have shown that Apple will leave no stone unturned when it comes to perfecting its native professional video-editing tool, i.e., Final Cut Pro X.

However, there is a learning curve if you are new to Final Cut Pro X (regardless of whether you are an expert or not), as it incorporates a unique magnetic, trackless timeline that is not common to the video-editing software. But that initial learning time is worth it because once you start utilizing Final Cut Pro X, you will not see (or like) any other software in the industry — given the regular and timely updates to the application.

Can’t choose between Final Cut Pro and Lumafusion for professional video editing? This article may help you: Final Cut Pro vs. Lumafusion, Which Suits You Better


While LumaFusion can be installed on the new M1-Based Macs, it is not that great to work on it (especially, if you are used to the touch version). And that is why this guide list the two-best alternatives to LumaFusion, i.e., Filmora and Final Cut Pro.And we highly recommend Filmora to all non-professional users.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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