Discover the Power of Jaycut A Comprehensive Guide to Free Online Video Editing

Discover the Power of Jaycut A Comprehensive Guide to Free Online Video Editing

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Discover the Power of Jaycut: A Comprehensive Guide to Free Online Video Editing

Jaycut - How to Use Free Online Video Editing Software Jaycut

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

JayCut is a flash-based free online video editor, similar to Yahoo!’s Jumpcut (closed now). It enables people to upload video, audio and more in order to create “mixes” or movies. The most impressive feature is that you can export videos to mobile devices, PC and YouTube. Until now, it’s considered as the best online video editor and is getting better and better since released in 2007.

JayCut has everything you need to have a free video editing trial, including default videos, images and audio. You even don’t need to register to use all the functions. However, once registered, you get free and easier to share movies with family and friends.

Online video editor JayCut review

jaycut online video editing

Pros: JayCut does all you could imagine in a single web page. Actually, it amazes me and my friends. I like everything about this website. It is very user friendly and allows you to upload different types of media very quickly, and then mix them together. The mixing becomes more of a work of art and one feels a sense of ownership when then have added titles, transitions and music to their pictures or video. Lastly I really like the fact that each person creates his or her own profile page. The profile makes it a fun way of learning about other people and it can be fun because it is similar to Facebook or Myspace.

Cons: If people would expect more, maybe the develop team could add more transitions and text effects, and suit the needs to export to facebook and a choice to select DVD service.

Conclusion: Jaycut is a quick and easy-to-use website video editor. It’s fun and interactive. The design is so intuitive that people could easily understand how to use everything the website offers.

How to Use Online Video Editor JayCut

Al through JayCut is superb easy to use, you could get quick start before trying this absolutely free online video editor.
Step 1. Import Media from PC, Microphone and Webcam (skip this step for first trial coz default media provided)
Step 2. Add Video/Images/Audio to Timeline
Step 3. Personalize movies with transitions, texts
Step 4. Make settings to added video/audio and effects
Step 5. Save project or export movie

By the way, if you’re looking for a better video editing software with more features and modern interface, you should try Filmora.

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