Discover the Best Hand Drawing Whiteboard Animation Creators for 2024

Discover the Best Hand Drawing Whiteboard Animation Creators for 2024

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Discover the Best Hand Drawing Whiteboard Animation Creators

Top 5 Hand Drawing Whiteboard Animation Makers [Online Tools Included]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Maximizing the conversion rates is the ultimate goal of every web marketing professional. The statistics clearly indicate that video content boosts conversion rates, more than any other type of online content, which is the reason why a growing number of marketers choose to incorporate video into their social media marketing strategies. Whiteboard animations have been around since the early days of animation, but their spike in popularity coincides with the rise of digital marketing in the mid-2000s. A little over a decade later, whiteboard animations are used for a wide array of purposes that range from explainer to educational videos. We’ve combed the Internet to find the best whiteboard animation makers in 2020, so let’s dive in and see what these software products and web-based platforms have to offer.

In fact, if you are already a Filmora user, you can try making whiteboard animation with Filmora, which gives you 100% freedom of what you want to make.

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Top Five Hand Drawing Whiteboard Animation Makers in 2021

The so-called doodle videos are entertaining to watch because the viewer can see a hand drawing shapes or writing in front of their eyes. Creating this type of animated videos no longer requires years of training and hours of hard work, since there are countless options that enable marketers to produce whiteboard animations in just a few minutes. Here are some of the best whiteboard animation makers online you can find on the market in 2020.

1. Moovly

Price: Free trial available, subscription plans start at $24.92 per month billed annually

Compatibility: web-based

Moovly is much more than an online destination where you can create whiteboard animations effortlessly as it grants you access to more than a million royalty free images, videos, and sounds. The platform’s video editor lets you choose the gender of the hand that is drawing the animation or its skin color. In addition to simulating the hand drawing process of virtually any object you can think of, the Moovly’s editor also enables you to adjust the size of the elements you add to your story or incorporate handwritten text into the animation video you’re producing. The free version of the platform watermarks all videos you export and lacks any of the advanced features that are available if you opt for one of the education or subscription plans. Even so, Moovly is still one of the best web-based whiteboard animation makers you can find on the Internet because it lets you create new videos in just a few quick steps.

Moovly free online animated video maker

2. VideoScribe

Price: Free version available, subscription plans start at $25 per month for a single user

Compatibility: cloud-based or downloadable software for Mac and PC computers

In case you need cloud-based software you can use for free to create animations in a short period of time, then VideoScribe is probably one of the best choices you can make. The software features huge image, video and music libraries that are well-suited for a broad range of whiteboard animations, and it also offers a wide array of hands, pens, and erasers. In addition, you can import assets you’ve created and VideoScribe will animate them for you. The voiceover feature is particularly useful if you are looking to add narration to your explainer and educational videos or product reviews. VideoScribe can only be used offline if you purchase its Pro version and you won’t be able to export HD video files if you opt to create your whiteboard animations with the free version of this software. This whiteboard animation maker is an excellent option for businesses that want to improve their social media presence through the production of animated whiteboard explainer videos or educational institutions that are looking for a way to keep their students engaged.


3. Explaindio

Price: Subscription plans start at $37 per month

Compatibility: macOS, Windows

You can make attention-grabbing whiteboard animations with Explaindio even if you have no previous experience as an animator. The software is equipped with more than 800 doodle sketches, hundreds of HD video backgrounds, 200 ready-made animated scenes, over 300 fonts, and countless full 3D animations. Explaindio also lets you import your own fonts, audio files or external 3D elements and it features a timeline with multiple videos and audio tracks. What’s more, the software has a rich library of transitions you can use to avoid hard cuts between the shots or to change scenes in your whiteboard animations smoothly. Besides whiteboard animations, you can use Explaindio to animate typography, create intros and outros for YouTube videos and to make logo strings. Cloud storage is also available so that you can access your creations while you’re on the go, which is one of the reasons why more than 35.000 YouTubers, marketers, and animators are already using Explaindio.


4. Doodly

Price: Pricing plans start at $39 per month

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

Hiring professional animators to create your whiteboard animations for you is both expensive and time-consuming. Doodly solves both of these issues by enabling you to simply drag and drop animated elements to the timeline and produce visually attractive hand-drawn animations at a reasonable price. The software features an extensive collection of male and female hands whose skin color you can adjust with a single click. There are hundreds of pre-made sketches available, and you just have to add the one you like to the canvas and Doodly will automatically animate the drawing for you. You can also choose if you want to use a whiteboard, blackboard or glassboard surface as a background for your animation. The Doodly Smart Draw technology lets you import and animate any hand drawing so you don’t have to rely on the software’s built-in library of doodles. The best part is that you can export all animations you create with Doodly in Full HD resolution.


5. Vyond

Price: 14-day free trial available, subscription plans start at $299 per year for a single user

Compatibility: web-based

Formerly known as GoAnimate, Vyond has been one of the best cloud-based video animation platforms for more than a decade. Its Whiteboard Animation theme offers a huge selection of props, character actions and other animated elements that can be useful for videos that cover a broad spectrum of topics. Simply select an element you want to add to your video, fine-tune its size on the screen and it will be drawn automatically. Vyond also enables you to import assets you’ve created which grants you more creative freedom, as you don’t necessarily have to rely solely on the built-in whiteboard animation elements this platform offers. The only downside is that you can’t record voiceovers directly from Vyond, and you either have to use an online voice recording service or utilize a desktop-based software product that enables you to record the narration for your upcoming animated video.



Finding ways to attract the attention of your potential customers is never a simple task, but software products and cloud-based video animation platforms make this process somewhat easier. You don’t have to be a skilled animator in order to create hand drawing whiteboard animations since each of the options we featured in this article requires a minimum amount of technical skill.

However, if you somehow think about making more than just whiteboard video, say normal video editing, why not try out Filmora ? With Filmora, you can make any type of video that you want, including whiteboard videos.

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