Discover the Best Glitch Video Editors for Desktop and Online Use for 2024

Discover the Best Glitch Video Editors for Desktop and Online Use for 2024

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Discover the Best Glitch Video Editors for Desktop and Online Use

The Best Glitch Video Editors

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

We live in the digital age, which is the reason why the topic of malfunctioning electronics is close to us. Most of us have seen TV static, a monitor glitch, or some other fault of a display more than once, and it is hardly surprising that a growing number of filmmakers and video content creators refer to glitches in their work.

Glitches can be used in the opening titles, as transitions or effects that are applied to an entire video, but you need to fit them into the right context since glitches don’t match all styles of videos. You are at the right place if you want to find out more about glitch video editors because in this article we are going to introduce you to some of the best glitch video editors on the market.

The Best Glitch Video Editors [Online & Desktop]

Virtually any video editing software can be used to create a glitch effect, but you should keep in mind that only some video editors feature glitch effects in their effects libraries. Choosing a video editing software that already has preset glitch effects will make it easier for you to use these effects in different projects. Let’s take a look at some of the best glitch video editors.

1. Filmora

Filmora is a versatile video editor that enables you to do much more than just apply glitch effects to videos. In fact, it allows you to manipulate your footage in virtually any way you want by giving you access to huge titles, effects, and transitions libraries and allowing you to use a broad range of video editing tools. Filmora let’s use glitch effects in all of your projects, so here’s how you can use glitch effects in videos you edit in Filmora.


Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

1. How to create a glitch transition with Filmora?

If you are using Filmora X V10.5 and the later versions, you can now find the glitch transitions in the program. To locate the glitch transition, type glitch in the transition search bar and you will find all glitch-related transitions in the library, such as VHS and glitch effect, retro game intro pack transition, and VFX cyberpunk pack transition.

Filmora Glitch transitions

However, there are no glitch transitions in Filmora’s transition library if you are running versions before V10.5, you can use the Chromatic Aberration effect for this purpose.

All you need to do is to place two different video clips onto the timeline and then go to the Effects tab. Expand the Filters menu and click on the Distortion submenu. The Chromatic Aberration effect is located near the top of the tab, so just drag and drop it to the video track that is directly above the one to which you added the footage.

Filmora Glitch  effects

You should then reduce the effect’s duration to six or eight frames, and you can enlarge the timeline to perform this task with more precision. Once you’ve adjusted the duration of the effect, you should place it above the cut, so that it covers the last four frames of the ending video clip and the first two frames of the video clip that is starting.

Adding a sound effect that matches the glitch transition you created is going to draw the viewer’s attention to the transition and make it more realistic.

You can watch the video tutorial below to get the step-by-step video tutorial or read this article to find out how to add glitch effects to video .

Want to make a VHS video including glitch effect? See this article: Easy Ways to Do VHS Effect with Final Cut Pro.

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2. How to add the glitch effect to text in Filmora?

The process of adding a glitch effect to text is simple, although you need to go through several different steps. You should start by choosing one of the available titles from Filmora’s Title tab and placing it on the timeline.

Double-click on the title you added, then click on the Advanced button and insert the text into the textbox. Proceed to set the text color to white, adjust its size and select a new font and then make sure that the No Animation option is selected in the Animation tab.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version ]( )

Click OK to confirm the changes you’ve made, then lock the video track on which the title is located, copy the title to the video track above and unlock the video track you locked. Once you’ve created the second title, you should double-click on the first title and change the text color to black.

Make a cut at two seconds on the title you copied and then head over to the Transition tab to locate the Deposit Up transition. Drag the Deposit Up transition from the Transition tab and drop it over the beginning of the title you copied. Export this title from Filmora as a video and then import it back into your project.

Remove the titles you added to the timeline and proceed to place the footage on the timeline. Afterward, you should place the video clip you created directly above the first video and match their durations. Double-click on the video clip that contains text and change the Blending Mode to Lighten from the Compositing menu.

Proceed to add the Shake, Flip, and Chromatic Aberration effects to the overlaying clip and then go to the Video Effects menu that is located in the Video tab to adjust the settings of the effects you applied.

3. How to apply a glitch effect to a video with Filmora?

The fastest way to apply a glitch effect in Filmora to a video clip is to add the Chromatic Aberration effect to it. Combining the Chromatic Aberration effect with filters, 3D LUTs and audio effects will help you sell the effect better.

Which combination of Filmora’s visual effects you are going to use, ultimately depends on the type of glitch effect you want to create. Optionally, you can also use keyframes to introduce the changes you make more gradually. Filmora offers you plenty of ways to get creative with glitch effects, but it is up to you to find the best way to incorporate glitch effects into your videos.

If you are using the Filmora V10.5 and later version, you can add the Human Glitch effect under AI Portrait category, which will leave the video background without glitch effects.

Filmora AI Portrait Human Glitch  effects

2. iMovie

Price: Free

Compatibility: macOS

Unfortunately, iMovie doesn’t have any preset glitch effects in its effects library, but you can still use it to create a glitch effect from scratch. The Video Overlay settings, Clip Filter options as well as the Split Screen feature enable you to overlay video clips and simulate the glitch effect.

Creating a glitch effect with iMovie requires you to have excellent video editing skills, and quite a bit of creativity as you have to plan the entire effect in advance. Even so the video editing tools you will have at your disposal are going to be limited so you shouldn’t expect to achieve breathtaking results. Adding an audio effect that accompanies the glitch effect may make this effect look more realistic.


Price: Free, pricing options start at $15 per month

Compatibility: web-based is an online photo and video editor aimed at social media content producers that lets you apply preset glitch effects to your videos. You don’t even have to create an account in order to start working on a new project, and you can simply upload a video clip of any length to this platform.

As soon as the upload is completed, you will be taken to the editor window where you can adjust the video’s settings, add text overlays or change the video’s playback speed. Click on the Effects tab that is located in the Filters menu and then proceed to choose between VHS, Glitch, and RGB Split effects. All you need to do in order to apply one of these glitch effects is to click on it and you can see the results immediately in the Preview window. However, all videos you create with the free version of are going to be watermarked.

4. Photo Mosh

Price: Free

Compatibility: web-based

This online platform is entirely dedicated to the creation of glitch videos. Besides being incredibly fun to use, Photo Mosh is also completely free, so you just have to upload a video clip and start experimenting with different effects.

Bad TV, Duo Tone, or Pixelate are just a few among numerous glitch effects you can choose from. Simply expand the effect and click on the ON checkbox to apply an effect and then proceed to adjust its settings. Optionally, you can click on the Mosh button that is located below the Preview Screen if you want to combine two or more random glitch effects. The only downside is that you can only save your creations as JPEG, GIF, or WEBM files, and the videos you record in the WEBM format can last for a few seconds.

5. Biteable

Price: Free, pricing plans start at $19.00 per month

Compatibility: web-based

Bitable is an online content creation platform that helps digital marketers and all other types of content creators to edit their videos quickly. The platform features a huge selection of video templates that can be used for a wide variety of purposes that range from employee onboarding to business to customer messages.

Unsurprisingly, Bitable features a Glitch template that is composed out of eight scenes that can be used to promote a concert or a nightclub. This template is customizable which enables you to upload the images you want to use and your tailored promotional message or alter the theme colors. You can also choose the soundtrack for the glitch video by simply uploading the song you want to use. However, if you opt for Biteable’s Starter pack you won’t be able to export more than one video per month.

6. Renderforest

Price: Free, pricing options start at $9.99 per month

Compatibility: web-based

In case you are looking for an online platform that enables you to build websites, edit videos, create animations, and design logos, then Renderforest is the right choice for you. Like Biteable, Renderforest grants you access to a huge collection of video templates you can use to create videos quickly.

The Glitch Slideshow template can be used for video portfolios, party highlights, or virtually any other occasion. You just have to upload the footage you want to include in the glitch slideshow, add the text and choose the song for the soundtrack and Renderforest will generate the new video for you. You can only create three-minute videos at 360p resolution if you decide to use the free version of this platform, and all videos you export from Renderforest are going to be watermarked if you don’t purchase one of the available subscriptions models.

7. Shotcut

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux

Creating glitch videos with Shotcut is easy because this open-source video editor allows you to choose from several different glitch effects. The effect named Glitch is located in the Filters menu and you just have to drag and drop it to the timeline in order to apply it to a video clip. In addition, you can adjust the Frequency, Block height, Shift intensity, and Color intensity options if you want to customize the effect to the project’s demands.

The RGB Shift is yet another effect you can use to create glitches in your videos. After you apply it to a video clip you can adjust the vertical and horizontal values, but keep in mind that setting both of these values to 50 is going to align them perfectly and render them invisible. Moreover, filters such as Shake, Old Film Projector, or Old Film Technicolor can all be used to simulate glitches in a video.

### 8. VSDC

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

PC owners who want to add glitch effects to their videos can install the VSDC video editing software for free. This non-linear editing application supports nearly all common video file formats, so you don’t have to worry about the format in which your video was captured.

After you create a new project and add the footage to the timeline, you should click on the Video Effects button and select the Glitch option from the Special FX submenu. There are eight glitches presets to choose from, and you can either use one of them or create your own glitch presets. You can adjust the Glitch effect’s settings from the Properties Window. Click on the Properties drop-down menu in the Glitch Effect Settings submenu and choose one of the available options or pick the Custom option if you want to create a new glitch effect preset.

FAQ About Glitch Video Editors

1. What is a glitch effect?

A glitch effect can be any intervention you make on a video clip that makes that video look like it was recorded by a faulty camera or displayed on a malfunctioning display device. That’s why you don’t necessarily have to use a glitch effect in order to make the video clip look damaged since a color effect or a camera shake effect can also be used for this purpose. Moreover, combining several effects to create a glitch in a video is also an option, although this task may be overwhelming for inexperienced video editors.

2. How to apply a glitch effect to a video in Filmora

Filmora allows you to use glitches in a variety of ways, so besides adding the Chromatic Aberration effect to a video clip, you can also use it to create a transition or apply it to text. In addition, you can use a camera shake effect or filters to make glitches in your videos. Including the sound effect that accompanies the glitch can help you create a more realistic glitch.


Glitch effects have become very popular in the last few years, which is the reason why a growing number of content creators is using them in their videos. Each of the glitch video editors we featured in this article allows you to create glitches in your videos effortlessly, although using some of them requires you to have advanced video editing skills. Which glitch video editor are you going to choose? Leave a comment and let us know.

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