Discover the Best Free Animated Logo Design Software

Discover the Best Free Animated Logo Design Software

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Discover the Best Free Animated Logo Design Software

FREE Best Top 11 Animated Logo Makers [Creative Logo Tips]

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Believe it or not, a logo can make or break your image easily since it represents your company. Moreover, an impressive and influential logo intro can spruce up your business and reputation. Having a great animated intro logo not just gives a creative look to your logo and presentation but can be a great strategy to engage your audience.

You have no idea how a unique idea to animate y our logo can draw you tremendous website traffic.

Therefore, through this article, we would like to introduce you to some recommended online free logo animation makers to help you make a unique animated logo.

So, let’s eliminate the need to download extra software and start using an animated logo maker.

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Part 1: What is Logo Animation

The animated logo refers to revealing your company’s, business, or brand’s logo in a spectacular 2D or 3D playful way. It’s a way in which a logo and tagline have transitions and motion effects to make your logo memorable, so you don’t need to worry about why you should use logo animation .

For example, it can be moving letters of your logo creatively or maybe characters bouncing and having a fun sound with each letter jumping, etc. An animated logo intro can be a dominant advertising tool, and showing them to the people in your presentation or video in a captivating way can make a uniques a remarkable identity.

Therefore, it becomes vital to make a logo animation worthy enough to fascinate your visitors. Let’s now talk about those animated logo makers we talked about a little earlier so that you can make yourself special and appealing.

Part 2: Free Animated Logo Maker Online

Below is a comparison table of 11 free logo animation makers. Check it out!

Logo animation software support Support 3D Features Pros
#1 Renderforest Y Neon lightroom is supported; Glass logo can be made supports Supports various effects; It has many resources to use
#2 Tube Arsenal Y Supports ink parchment; You can change logo color, size Easy to make logo animation; Fast preview
#3 Intro Maker N Various designs to make it excellent supports Supports. JPG or. PNG logo format
#4 Adobe Spark Y Beautiful typography to make many logo animation adobe Adobe family tool; Directly share it to YouTube
#5 Animaker Y You can upload your logo to edit again change Change your logo color with various choice
#6 Quince Media N Integrates with Adobe Effects perfectly Ready to use free logo animation
#7 Make Web Video N Include some free logo animation to use You can try it free to use animation
#8 Design Free Logo Y Various logo animation styles to choose 1000 3D logo animation for you
#9 Motionden Y More than 20 animate logo categories to use Easy to use for beginners
#10 Offeo Y Basically, you just need 5 steps to make an animated logo Sign up required at the first time
#11 PixTeller N Various Logo animation styles 100,000+ Shapes and 130+ Fonts to choose

1. Renderforest

First on the list is Renderforest. It is an online 3d logo animation maker that promises to offer a wide range of different animations. You can select one suitable for your video or presentation needs, or you can simply give your logo or image an interesting animated effect by Renderforest.

Renderforest free logo animation


  • This tool provides a large variety of unique logo animation designs to choose from, like shattering logo, liquid splash logo, fire logo or glass logo, etc.
  • Your logo animation can be done in minutes with this online logo animation maker.
  • It can also be called a 3D animated logo maker online since you get 3D effects too.

2. Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal is the next on the list that can help you easily animate your logo. It’s available 24/7, and you can create your animation in three simple steps.

Tube Arsenal animated logo maker


  • It takes no special requirement of designing skills.
  • There are a lot of animation options available with this online 3D animated logo maker.
  • It offers quick and unlimited previews.

3. Intro Maker

Here is yet another logo maker that can help effectively animate your business logo and provide a smooth output. Intro Maker can help to look your YouTube channel more professional by creatively enhancing the logo.


  • You can either use free intro or choose a paid premium version.
  • Make an animated logo within a few clicks with this online tool.
  • In addition, there are an intros catalog from which you can choose the preferred one.

intro maker logo animation software

4. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a logo animation maker whose motive is to give a finishing touch to your videos by adding the best intros. Be it logo intro or video title intro, it should be creative. This is the primary concern of Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark animated logo maker


  • This online tool provides a large number of fonts suitable for various occasions.
  • You can pick out any photo from the web or Adobe creative cloud or from anywhere to work with.
  • This animation maker provides a lot of professional themes. You can have fun with colors, fonts, and apply to your texts, photos, icons, etc.

5. Animaker

You can also use Animaker and take help to make our logos look animated in your video or presentation. This logo animation online can make an animated logo within a few steps.


  • It comes with an easy drag and drop interface.
  • You get more than 20 templates to choose from to make an animated logo.
  • It can also help in adding effects or music to an animating project of yours.

Animaker animated logo maker

6. Quince Media

Quince Media is sixth on the list for which you don’t need to pay any money since it’s a free logo animation maker. You need to upload your logo image in vector or PNG format.


  • From sandy to the moon to sunset effect and design, it has all that can ever be needed for better logo animation.
  • This tool promises to send you a logo animation video when to send logo design to Quince Media.

Quince Media animated logo maker

7. Make Web Video

Make Web Video is one of the best online logo animation tools available in the market. Along with providing cool designs, it works professionally like other expensive software.


  • Although it’s free to use, it has many beautiful paid templates that are worth giving a try.
  • You can modify the color and tempo of the videos.
  • No technical knowledge is needed, and the process gets complete in just 0 minutes.

Make Web Video logo animation maker

This toll is also among the free and creative 3D animated logo makers online. You can either look for 3D logo samples from the gallery and choose the appropriate logo for your company or create one on your own using the amazing presets that this web app offers you.


  • It offers you a huge catalog of free, predefined, and customizable 3D logo samples.
  • Even novice users can easily customize or create their very own 3D logos.

Design Free Logo

9. Motionden

This is a user-friendly animated logo maker, which means even beginners can make logo animation easily. There are various templates you can use, including dark smoke, fire red, serenity, and more. It is cloud-based, so you can use it on all devices.


  • Various templates to use for beginners.
  • The best-animated logo maker for using it on the phone, desktop, and tablet.

animated logo maker logo animation maker

10. Offeo

Its interface is simple to use with powerful functions. The whole style is hi-tech and cutting-edge, so this one is the best choice if your company is young and energetic. The logo animation processing can be done in 5 steps.


  • You need to sign in when you use it the first time.
  • It includes various fun and interesting templates.


11. PixTeller

PixTeller animated logo maker helps you create engaging and unique custom video animated logos for your business or personal brand. With an interface similar to Adobe Flash, it is easy and intuitive to create motion for any element of the logo.


  • Frame by frame timeline that helps you create motion between 2 frames of the same element.
  • It offers 100,000+ Shapes and 130+ Fonts to choose from when creating a logo.
  • Many free templates that anyone can use and customize.
  • It has very useful and unique filters like letter spacing, line height, shadow, border, warp, blur, concave and convex, noise, pixelate, and even skew effects.
  • The download options are MP4 or GIF.
  • Additionally, you can loop the animation on download or change its speed and make it faster or slower, so you don’t have to modify the timeline of the animated logo.

Video tends to grab people’s attention fast. If you want to let more people know about your business, an animated logo is a must. Below is the reason for you to animate a logo.

1. Let your business competitive

Nowadays, videos are everywhere on the Internet . More traffic will come to video, which means your brand and product will get more exposure.

In some way, video is what we need to make in a company. An animated logo can grab user attention quickly. You need to make a beautiful and engaging animated logo to let people have a good first impression.

make business competitive

2. More choices to express your business

An animated logo will give you more choices to build brand awareness .

As video editing is highly developed, you can add shadow, line, and much more to an animated logo. You can also add visual effects to the logo and adjust its color. You can give so much more you can imagine. An animated logo is also easy to make compared with traditional logos.

express your business with logo

### 1\. Make a short and beautiful animated logo

You don’t want people to watch a long animated logo video as viewers need to wait for a long time to know your real meaning. You just need to make an animated logo as short as possible. However, shortness doesn’t mean it is plain. You can still express brand and product meaning very well with beautiful design and reasonable logo shape. To do that, you need to understand the meaning behind your logo.

short and beautiful animated logo

2. Which animated style do you want

Before making an animated logo, it is better to know how your logo animate. Will it be natural, wild, or excited? Each style can give your audience a different understanding of a brand. One thing you should remember is that you need to make the watching experience immersive.

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animated style

3. Branding your company

Whatever you do, you should keep in mind that branding comes first . An excellent animated logo can add a powerful branding impact to your company. In return, more and more people will come to your company and like it. It is a virtuous circle. If you still don’t know the importance of the brand, now it is time to animate the logo!

4. Make a good impression

A good first impression will give viewers more chances to know your company. Let’s say, if you don’t like your logo, the possibility of losing potential customers will be higher. A good impression means your animated logo quite fits the company style or the industry style, so you need to know what part of your company can arouse the user’s feelings.

good impression with logo animation

Part 5: FAQ about Animated Logo Makers

1. Which software is best for logo animation?

Logo animation software is not short on the ground. Most regular editing programs will have features that let you add an animation to your logo. We would recommend that you look at After Effects, by Adobe, since it contains numerous features specifically dealing with animation. You may even be able to use the free version of this software without paying for the whole program.

Logo animation software in aftereffects usually needs to be applied to existing footage. Otherwise, you can find it available for download by following this link.

When you are using Filmora Pro as your logo animation software, there are steps you need to take to achieve full animation. First, prepare your file by opening a new workspace with a web resolution of about 320 x 240. Select your background layer, then add in any graphics or art you have for your logo. Choose the effect you want to apply and drag and drop it, then adjust the settings in the box that pops up.

You can assign keyframes for specific actions or play with the settings to achieve the animation you had in mind.

3. How do I make an animated logo for free?

PixTeller is such an excellent service because it has logo animation software that is free to use. It allows you to work with all types of formats. So if you have a logo as a JPEG, or whether you want to draw it out in vector graphics, you can do so.

Final Verdict

We would here like to state that you can use Wondershare Filmora if you want to make a breathtaking intro video. This software is the best choice for its 2D and 3D intro logo effects package. Also, we hope that by now, you have decided which to use and started working on your logo intros. You can share with us if we missed any other logo animation maker and if you like this post. Thanks!

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