Cutting-Edge iPad Video Editing The Top 5 Tools

Cutting-Edge iPad Video Editing The Top 5 Tools

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Cutting-Edge iPad Video Editing: The Top 5 Tools

5 Best Video Editors for iPad [2024 Review]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Bought a new iPad but not sure which tool is best for video editing on it? Worry not, as we bring you the list of the five best iPad video editors of this year.

As we all know, the online realm is filled with lots of video editing tools that claim to be the best. But the truth is not all of them live up to their claims. In this article we will walk you through the best video editing software that’s worth your money. Thus, scroll down to find the five best iPad Pro Video Editor of 2024.

Part 1: 5 Best Video Editing Apps for iPad

Available for iOS (i.e., for iPad) and Android users, Filmora is the most viable option if you want to take your videos to the next level from your mobile screens. The easy-to-use interface allows even the naivest users to adapt the video skills quickly plus it being easy-on-eyes also enables you to edit videos seamlessly. Given the dedicated options for everything — tripping & cutting videos to adding audio, photos, and subtitles — editing videos will not take time.

Download filmora Download filmora


  • New upgrades have brought Advanced Crop features
  • You can set duration of video motion
  • Filmora includes all the basic video-editing features you might expect, like cutting, merging, cropping, and rotating video footage


  • Filmora does have a free version, but the video will be watermarked


Free version available

Filmora Pro (1 Year) — $32.99

Filmora Pro (1 Month) — $6.99

Remove Logo Roll — $4.99more

2. LumaFusion (best for iPad)

Recommended for iPad users, LumaFusion is a multitrack mobile video editor used by professionals. However, unlike Filmora, LumaFusion does not make it simple for an average Joe to utilize the application to its full extent. In fact, LumaFusion recommends video tutorials if you are a beginner to video-editing. Nevertheless, when it comes to feature-set, LumaFusion has one of the most advanced libraries of features that allows you to tell compelling video stories.


  • Uncluttered, intuitive, and customizable user interface
  • Advanced and adjustable image stabilizer
  • Simple color correction — you do not have to fret with color wheels, video scopes, auto white balance, nodes, or any settings; instead, it includes a handful of color presets and sliders to make the process more convenient.
  • Edit up to six layers of audio and video
  • Supports all major video formats and more!


  • No android app available yet
  • Not friendly for beginners
  • No free version

Price: US$ 29.99, extra subscription for Storyblocks needed

3. iMovie

Of course, how can we forget Apple’s native iMovie video editor? Yes, it lacks some bells and whistles, but it makes basic video editing a breeze. Suitable for beginners, iMovie’s main aim is to provide ease of use in a clean and elegant interface. In all, you will not find advanced video-editing options. But when it comes to basic features like tripping, cutting, adding audio, subtitles, and transition effects — iMovie is second to no one in terms of usability.


  • Cross-platform apps for all Apple devices
  • Features like the Trailer timeline make the whole process seamless
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface — suitable for beginners
  • Good range of fun templates
  • Multiple audio-editing options
  • Completely free to use


  • For the sake of simplicity, iMovie excludes some critical functions like motion-tracking and more.
  • No advanced options like editing 360-degree video editing

Price: Free

4. KineMaster

In the world where iPad Pro video editors rise and fall, KineMaster has survived all these years because of its powerful features and simplicity. Overall, if you are looking for a tool to edit videos on the go — you should take a serious look at KineMaster.


  • Includes advanced video editing options like Speed Control, Effects, Themes, Adjustments, Multiple Layers, Overlays, Music, Audio Filters, Frame-by-Frame Trimming, Volume Envelope, Stickers, and more!
  • Straightforward interface and precise controls


  • Costly compared to the top competitors; especially, given the shy feature-set


  • Premium Monthly — $7.99
  • Premium Yearly — $35.99
  • Legacy - Remove Watermark — $29.99
  • Premium One-Time Purchase — $69.99

5. Filmmaker Pro

Holding features like LUT effects, 4K capability, chroma key to add crazy 3D transitions, Filmmaker Pro is a viable option for any beginner learning how to edit videos.


  • Cross-platform support
  • Multiple export options like YouTube
  • Intuitive and simple interface


  • Subscription is compulsory if you want to remove the watermarks


  • US$ 5.99 per month

Part 2: Edit Video on Desktop with Filmora

The reason Filmora is the most recommended tool (and even our favorite) is its attractive feature-set and cost-effective pricing. Available for both macOS and Windows, Wondershare’s Filmora is the best software if you are looking for a computer tool for HD video editing.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Key Features:

  • Great video templates.
  • Uses AI algorithms to pick footage highlights and automatically creates the video.
  • You can perform a more detailed editing after the automatic video creation.
  • Employ up to hundred layers of videos to create epic stories
  • Apply transitions, motion elements, filters, and more to any video track
  • A lot of audio editing features, including background voice remover, advanced equalizer, and more
  • Fast rendering, even when you are working with 4K videos
  • Detailed speed controls: play a video 100 times slower or create frames
  • Other advanced options like 3D LUTs and many more!
## Part 3: FAQ

Is the New M1 iPad Pro Good for Video Editing?

Like most Apple products, the iPad Pro exterior hasn’t changed much compared to its predecessors, as the real magical upgrades are inside. The new M1 chip, the magnificent XDR display, 120Hz Refresh Rate, unbelievable Performance, Magic Keyboard, Thunderbolt 3, and USB 4 is enough to recognize the latest iPad Pro as the most powerful tablet ever made that can do everything that a Laptop can! Other hallmarks like the trackpad and magnetic slide — make it the perfect substitute for anyone looking to replace their laptop with an iPad Pro for video editing.

Part4: Conclusion

Touch screens can be difficult to handle when performing precise operations like video-editing; that is why it is critical to use only the best video-editors on iPad.

Editor’s choice: Filmora. Reason: suitable for beginners and intuitive interface.

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