Create Stunning Animations 5 Top Online Stop Motion Makers for 2024

Create Stunning Animations 5 Top Online Stop Motion Makers for 2024

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Create Stunning Animations: 5 Top Online Stop Motion Makers

5 Best Online Stop Motion Makers

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Stop motion videos have been growing in popularity over the course of the last few years because they easily capture a viewer’s attention. Only a few decades ago this animation technique was used solely by movie industry professionals, but today you no longer have to be a seasoned animator in order to create stop motion video.

In fact, you don’t even need desktop-based video editing software , because there are so many different web-based video editing platforms that offer all the tools you need to make a captivating stop motion video. That is why in this article we are going to take you through some of the best online stop motion makers. So, let’s get started.

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Part 1: Top 5 Online Stop Motion Makers You Should Try

Whether or not you already have the footage you intend to include in a stop motion animation is probably the best way to determine which platform you should choose. Furthermore, the number of images or video clips you want to upload to an online stop motion maker can impact the amount of time you are going to need to complete a project.

2. Kapwing

Price: Free, $20 for a monthly subscription

kapwing stop motion maker interface

Kapwing offers a broad range of tools that enable you to resize videos , add audio to them or even add subtitles and captions to videos. So it is hardly a surprise that you can also use Kapwing to create stop motion videos.

After you upload a video clip from your computer or a URL you can set the speed at which frames are going to be displayed and pick the rate at which frames are going to be taken from the video. When done you should simply click on the Create button and wait for the platform to generate a stop motion video.

You can then decide if you want to share the video on social media or download it to your computer. Keep in mind that the videos created while you weren’t signed in to your Kapwing account are going to be watermarked.


  • Simple stop motion creation process
  • Excellent file sharing options
  • Offers an inexpensive way to create stop motion videos
  • No previous video editing experience required


  • Kapwing doesn’t allow users to create stop motion videos from photos
  • You must use a different tool to add music to a stop motion video

3. Clideo

Price: Free, pricing options start at $6.00 per month

Clideo stop motion maker interface

Creating a stop motion video with Clideo won’t take much more than a few minutes of your time, regardless of the format in which the source video is saved. After you upload the footage from which you want to create a stop motion video to the platform, you just have to set the speed at which frames are going to be displayed and the frequency at which frames are going to be extracted from the source footage.

Optionally you can click on the Append Reversed Video checkbox if you want to play the stop motion video backward. Clideo also lets you choose the format of the output video, which enables you to export videos WebM, MP4, MOV and numerous other file formats. When done adjusting the settings, simply click on the Slow Motion button and then download a video to your computer.


  • Supports a broad range of video file formats
  • Lets users set the playback speed of individual frames
  • Clideo offers a variety of video editing tools
  • No software installation


  • Stop motion videos created with the free version of Clideo are watermarked
  • No file sharing options to speak of

4. Stop Motion Animator

Price: Free

Stop Motion Animator

This is a simple add-on for Google Chrome that enables you to use a computer’s webcam to create stop motion videos. This tool only offers basic options, which means that you can snap photos, adjust their playback speed , erase them or record audio.

However, Stop Motion Animator is far from being a perfect choice for video content creators as it can only be used with a webcam. In addition, this extension for Google Chrome is prone to crashes, which is why it is important to save your project regularly. The most recent version of Stop Motion Animator allows users to upload images although you shouldn’t expect great results.


  • No payment required prior to installation
  • Equipped with audio recording tools
  • Enables users to upload their own footage
  • Videos are saved in WebM format


  • The extension is prone to crashes
  • No video editing options

5. Cloud Stop Motion

Price: Free, pricing options start at $30.

Cloud Stop Motion online maker

Anyone can create stop motion animations with this web-based app, even if they don’t have any previous video editing experience. However, before you can start creating using Cloud Stop Motion you must first create an account and grant the app access to your computer’s webcam. Afterward, you just have to start a new project and start snapping pictures.

Each image you take will be displayed on the timeline so that you can have a clear overview of all photos that are going to be included in the stop motion video. Cloud Stop Motion lets you record audio and import audio files from its sound library or your computer. The platform also features a selection of opening titles, end credits , speech bubbles and text overlays that can be added to the timeline with a single click.


  • Modernly designed interface
  • Equipped with a rich audio library
  • All projects can be saved
  • Available on tablets, Smartphones, Chromebooks, desktop and laptop computers


  • You can only create 500 MB of footage with the free version of Cloud Stop Motion
  • Projects can only be exported in MP4 file format


Price: Free

turn sequence image to video

This video editing platform offers a plethora of video editing options that include the tools that allow you to create slideshows , or add audio files to a video. The Image Sequence into a Video tool enables you to upload up to one hundred images to this platform and use them to create a stop motion video.

After the upload process is completed you can rearrange images, upload an audio file that will be used as the soundtrack and choose how many images are going to be displayed on the screen each second. Optionally, you can also add your logo to the stop motion video and adjust its size and on-screen position. After the platform generates the video from your photos you can download it to your computer, but you will not be able to share it on social media directly from the platform.


  • Allows users to turn image sequences into videos
  • Quick upload process
  • Intuitive stop motion creation process
  • Offers branding options


  • Working with sequences that have more than a hundred images is not possible
  • Uploading more than one audio file isn’t an option

Part 2: How to Make Stop Motion Video from Photos Online

Stop motion videos are composed of sequences of still images that create the illusion that the object in the shots are moving. The Cloud Stop Motion app offers a free and easy way to make stop motion animations directly from the web-browser using the web camera .

After you sign in to your account on this platform, you should click on the New Project option that is located in the Projects tab.

Create Stop Motion with Captured Photos  - create project

Once the Animation window loads, you will be able to see the timeline below the preview window that shows everything your web camera can see. After you composed your shot, you should simply click on the Camera button that is located on the right side of the screen, then move the object that is in the shot and click on the camera button again. You should repeat this process as many times as necessary until you have captured all the frames you want to include in your stop motion animation.

Capture Photos in  Cloud Stop Motion

In case you want to alter the frame rate, you can click on the Project Settings icon that is located at the top of the toolbar in the upper left corner of the screen.

Cloud Stop Motion Project Settings

Clicking on the Audio icon will grant you access to the Cloud Stop Motion’s sound library that contains hundreds of songs and audio effects. What’s more, you can also record voiceovers with this online stop motion maker, although you must first give the app permission to access your computer’s microphone.

Cloud Stop Motion Audio Library

Cloud Stop Motion is equipped with fully customizable title, credit, speech bubble, and chapter heading templates and you just have to click on them to add them to a project.

Cloud Stop Motion Titles Library

Click on the Export button, after you complete all work on a project and proceed to choose the video’s aspect ratio or its export size. Keep in mind that changing a stop motion video’s output format is not possible since you can only create MP4 videos with Cloud Stop Motion.

Cloud Stop Motion Export Options

All projects are automatically saved and they can be accessed every time you sign in to your account on Cloud Stop Motion, which enables you to create different versions of the same stop motion videos.

Part 3: How to Make Stop Motion Videos from Videos Online

In case you don’t have the photos you can use to create a stop motion animation, platforms like Kapwing allow you to turn a regular video into a stop motion video. All you need to do is upload a video clip from your computer or via a URL to Kapwing and the platform will automatically generate a stop motion video. One of the best part is that Kapwing also provides a sample if you don’t want to upload your own footage.

Import footage to Kapwing

After the upload process is completed a new window will load where you can choose the speed at which frames are displayed on the screen and pick the rate at which frames are taken from the source video.

kapwing stop motion maker interface

While adjusting these settings you should keep in mind that lowering a video’s frame rate too much can result in choppy footage and uneven movement of the objects in the stop motion video you’re creating.

Kapwing also offers the option to play the video in reverse , but finding the right context to use this feature can prove to be a challenging task. Click on the Create button when ready to export the stop motion video and wait for the platform to generate the video.

kapwing stop motion maker export & share

Afterward, you can choose to download, edit or share the video on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In case you created a stop motion video while you were logged out of your Kapwing account, the platform will add a watermark to it, and you must sign in to remove it.


Finding ways to produce content that stands out on social media is becoming increasingly difficult as video content is growing more popular. Online stop motion makers provide a simple way to use photos and videos to create attention-grabbing videos.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

But if you want to add more elements to the stop motion video, you can try some desktop video editing software. One of the best video editing software is Filmora . Filmora has been used by many YouTubers and gets reviewed by many authorities . Download the trial version and use it to make your own stop motion video today.

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