Create Infinite Loops Top 10 Free Video Looping Websites for 2024

Create Infinite Loops Top 10 Free Video Looping Websites for 2024

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Create Infinite Loops: Top 10 Free Video Looping Websites

Top 10 Free Online Video Loopers 2024

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

If you find a particular section of a video or an entire clip quite interesting and wish that you, your friends, or the target audience on your social networking account should also view that interesting part, again and again, it would be a good idea to play the footage in repeat mode. This is where the loopers come into play as they allow you to configure the video loop multiple times.

Therefore, below is a list of free video looper web solutions that, as per their policies, allow you to set the segment of footage to play repeatedly.

Top 10 Free Online Video Loopers

Note: Although the following list introduces the 10 best video looper online apps, each of them may vary in their nature, level of granularity they offer while setting up the loops, or the size of video they can accept in a single session.

1. Filmora Video Editor - [Free Trial, for Windows or Mac Computer]

Filmora 9  4K video Editing

If you need more powerful video looper, online tools may be not the first choice. You can have a try Filmora video editor. Filmora offers a unique balance between beginner-friendly video editing software and a feature-rich tool that even experts can edit on. This means anyone can use it to create any video editing project they like.

Making a loop video with Filmora is as easy as spreading warm butter on toast. Just open the program, click on New Project, and follow these simple steps to loop video on Filmora .

Free Download

Free Download

2. Clideo Loop Video

Loop Video is not the only feature that Clideo offers, and the web portal can be used as a beginners’ gear to form a strong foundation for anyone who is planning to get a career in the post-production industry. When talking about the solution’s video looper online feature, the interface is well-balanced, with no distracting adverts to hinder your operations.

How to loop video with Clideo?

  1. Launch any web browser and go to
  2. Use your preferred method to upload the source video
  3. Choose an output format from the Format menu at the bottom-left corner of the new page that appears
  4. From the Loop this clip section on the right, choose how many times you want the video to loop
  5. Click Loop from the bottom-right corner of the page
  6. Wait while Clideo prepares your video
  7. Click Download (or choose your preferred download location) from the next page to obtain the clip once the process completes


  • Lets you produce a looped video an unlimited number of times (at the cost of converting the clip to GIF format)
  • Lets you edit the videos post-processing for better output


  • Requires a subscription plan to be purchased to remove the watermark from the output videos

3. Kapwing Loop Video

Kapwing is another multipurpose multimedia and post-production solution that is also a free video looper with a couple of lucrative features. The web solution has a built-in video maker, meme maker, video resizer, GIF editor to add audio, video trimmer, and much more. The portal is trustworthy and is used by giants like Spotify, Amazon, Sony, etc.

How to use Kapwing to loop video?

  1. Use your preferred web browser to go to
  2. Click Upload to upload or paste the YouTube URL of the source clip in the given field
  3. Click Trim Video from the top-left section of the right window (Optional)
  4. Choose the number of times the video should loop from the Loop this clip section present at the top of the left pane
  5. Click CREATE from the bottom-left corner
  6. Edit (optional) and/or download the processed clip from the next page


  • Generates a unique URL that can be used to share with people or on social networking sites
  • Requires no registration as long as you are OK with the watermark. Registration is free


  • Free users can upload videos of as long as up to 7 minutes with a file size of up to 250MB in a single session

4. FileConverto Online Video Loop

Offering a plethora of video and audio tools like compressor, joiner, trimmer, and much more, FileConverto is also an MP4 looper that can accept your files from your PC, and can easily loop them multiple times as needed. All the other tools, including the video loop offered with the online solution, are free to use.

How to loop video with FileConverto?

  1. Go to using your favorite web browser
  2. Click Browse on the webpage and upload the source video file
  3. From the available drop-down list, choose the number of times you want your video to loop
  4. Click Submit Now
  5. Wait while the portal processes the video
  6. Click Download File to save the output clip to your PC


  • Requires no registration or paid subscription plan whatsoever
  • The entire process can be completed in 3 simple steps


  • Doesn’t allow to trim the videos or choose their output format

5. Animaker

A decent and feature-equipped tool that not only allows you to loop your videos, it also enables you to add text effects, animated characters, background images and music, objects, and many other such elements to the clips in order to make them more interesting and engaging for the target audience.

How to loop video with Animaker Online?

  1. Go to using any web browser of your choice
  2. Sign up for an account using your preferred method
  3. From the left pane, go to Create > Create a video > Blank Page
  4. Click Upload from the lower section of the navigation pane on the left
  5. Upload a clip from your PC
  6. Drag the clip from the Media bin to the Workspace at the center of the page
  7. Click the Duplicate button present at the bottom of the clip’s thumbnail in the right panel to add a video loop.

Note: You can click the Duplicate button as many times as you want the clip to loop for

  1. Click Publish from the top-right corner
  2. Click Download to download the processed video to your PC. Alternatively, choose any other option to share the clip on your preferred social media platform


  • Has plenty of robust and efficient tools to granularly prepare your videos
  • Allows you to add multiple elements to the clips before enabling loops


  • A paid subscription is required to remove the watermark

6. Rocketium

A web solution for both indie professionals and teams, Rocketium still allows you to loop your footage for free. All you need to do is, upload the video to the portal, make the required adjustments as per your preferences, and download the processed clip to your PC without any hindrance.

Process of looping video with Rocketium

  1. Go to on your web browser
  2. Click Upload a file
  3. Select and upload a clip from your PC
  4. Choose the number of loops for your video from the right section
  5. Click Loop Video
  6. Click Download to save the processed output on your computer


  • Allows video loop at absolutely no cost
  • The entire process can be completed in 3 simple steps


  • Registration is required to edit the videos

7. LoopTube

LoopTube is an online YouTube video loop portal that lets you repeat the entire clip or its particular section an unlimited number of times. The best thing is, that the landing page itself has all the features and options, and the entire interface is extremely easy to use, even by those who have least or absolutely no knowledge about video editing or looping.

How to use LoopTube to loop video?

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer and go to
  2. Paste the URL of the YouTube video in the available field at the top
  3. Click the Search button to allow LoopTube to search and access the clip
  4. Use the left and right handles from below the player window to select the segment in the video you want to loop for an unlimited number of times


  • Absolutely free to use
  • Lets you select a segment of the video for infinite loop


  • Doesn’t allow you to download or share the output video


A complete online post-production tool for both beginners and professionals, VEED.IO is enriched with plenty of tools to make your source clips look much more engaging, interesting, and informative. While the subscriptions start from $0.00 USD to $24.00 USD per month, the videos can be uploaded, looped, and downloaded for free.

How to loop video with

  1. Make sure to download the video you want to loop to your local hard drive
  2. Use a web browser to go to
  3. Click Get Started Now
  4. Use your preferred method to upload the source video
  5. Use the Playhead (Skimmer) in the Timeline at the bottom to go to a frame, and click Split to split the clip as needed
  6. Select the unwanted segment and press Delete on your keyboard to remove
  7. Drag the remaining part to place it in your preferred position
  8. Click Add Video to add the same clip to the portal again
  9. Repeat the above step as many times as you want the clip to loop for
  10. Click Export from the top-right corner, and wait while VEED.IO renders the uploaded video(s)
  11. Use your preferred method to download or share the output footage when done


  • Free to use
  • Has several options to edit and decorate your footage before looping


  • A paid subscription is needed to remove the watermark

9. WoFox Loop Video Tool

A free solution for video loop and making other adjustments to your source footage, WoFox is a decent web app for graphic designing, animated designs, photo collages, logo creation, and much more. The tool can also create animated lyrics and video songs that could be used to impart information or practice singing.

How to loop video with WoFox?

  1. On your Internet browser, go to
  2. Click Upload and select the number of loops from the Loop video section in the left pane
  3. Click Download from the top-right corner of the page


  • Absolutely free to use
  • Is equipped with several other video editing tools


  • Subscription plans are hefty if you ever plan to use the tool for business purposes
  • At the time of this writing, the tool doesn’t work with Mozilla Firefox

10. Video Looper Chrome Extension

A free tool that works with the Google Chrome web browser, Video Looper is a Chrome Extension that can be added and enabled in order to loop the videos that you play on YouTube. Post adding, the extension automatically gets enabled as soon as it detects an eligible YouTube video on Chrome. Once enabled, you can even detach the panel to use it independently.

How to use the Chrome extension to loop video?

  1. Launch Google Chrome and go to
  2. Click Add to Chrome, and then click Add Extension when the confirmation box pops up
  3. Close and then reopen Google Chrome
  4. Go to the YouTube’s clip URL that you want to video loop
  5. Click the Video Looper icon from the top-right corner of the browser
  6. Click Create Repeat
  7. Enter a value (the number of times you want to loop the video) in the Repeat Times field
  8. Optionally enter the relevant values in the Start Time and End Time fields to trim the footage
  9. Click Create
  10. Click Start & Play on the next box that appears to play the YouTube video for the number of times you specified


  • Free to use
  • Can create an unlimited number of presets to play the videos in loops


  • Doesn’t allow you to download the videos


Depending on your budget, frequency of video loop requirements, and the level of details you need while preparing a full-fledged video with repetitions, you can choose any of the tools explained above. However, if you need a comparatively better solution, Wondershare UniConverter would be your best bet as it is not merely a free video looper, it also offers several other features to get a complete output with quite granular edits.

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