Create Epic Trailers Top Movie Maker Software for Mac and PC

Create Epic Trailers Top Movie Maker Software for Mac and PC

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Create Epic Trailers: Top Movie Maker Software for Mac and PC

Best Movie Trailer Makers for Mac and Windows

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Post-production always takes time regardless of how large or small your project is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start promoting your movie before you complete it. In fact, filmmakers have been using movie trailers for years to inform the audience about their upcoming projects.

There is no need to spend money on a movie trailer maker since the video editing software you’re using to edit the footage can also be used to create trailers for videos you are working on. Even so, there are so many different video editing software products for Macs and PCs, that finding the one that is best suited for your video editing needs can be difficult. That is why in this article we are going to take you through the ten best trailer makers for Mac and Windows operating systems.

Best Movie Trailer Software for PC and Mac Computers

Mastering a short video form like a movie trailer takes a lot of practice, as you only have a limited amount of time to tell your story. Each of the video editing software products we featured in this article grants you access to all the tools you’re going to need to tell your stories, but it is up to you which ones you are going to use to make your next movie trailer. So, let’s take a look at what best movie trailer makers for Mac and PC have to offer.

1. iMovie

Price: Free

Compatibility: macOS, iOS

Mac, iPhone and iPad users have a free and easy solution at their disposal if they want to make movie trailers. Besides offering basic video editing tools that enable you to edit your footage quickly, iMovie also features a collection of trailer templates. So, all you need to do in order to make a movie trailer is to add the video clips and insert the title of the movie, the director’s name and create the end credits.

None of the movie trailer templates you can find in iMovie allow you to add music to them, although you can create the soundtrack for your trailer from iMovie’s Movie mode. Furthermore, the templates can limit the maximum duration of your trailer, which is why you must make sure that the video clips you want to use match the duration of the trailer you selected.

Want to know the details? Check the detailed guide about how to make a movie trailer with iMovie .

2. Filmora

Price: Free, pricing options start at $49.99

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version ]( )

If you are searching for a video editing software that allows you to perform almost any video editing task with ease, then Filmora may be a good option for you. This video editor for Macs and PCs has everything you are going to need to make a movie trailer, since importing the footage into a project requires you to simply drag and drop a video file you want to use in your trailer from a folder to the editor’s media bin.

Filmora9 Movie Trailer maker

In addition, Filmora offers hundreds of transitions, openers and end credits templates, which speeds up the video editing process significantly. The visual effects library contains a broad range of image filters and overlays, and you can export all projects directly from Filmora to your account on Vimeo or YouTube.


3. VSDC Free Video Editor

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

You won’t need much time to get used to VSDC’s interface even if you don’t have any previous video editing experience. The video editor supports nearly all popular video file formats, and at the moment it is the only free video editing software that allows you to export 4K videos without watermarks. Moreover, making a movie trailer with VSDC is remarkably easy, as you just have to arrange the footage on the timeline, apply visual effects and create an opener and the end credits. The software doesn’t offer templates, which means that you have to go through this process manually. VSDC lets you choose from a variety of export profiles that optimize your movie trailers for playback on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. What’s more, the software enables you to upload projects directly to YouTube, which can save you a lot of time on rendering movie trailers.

4. Vegas Pro

Price: $299 - 599

Compatibility: Windows

Film industry professionals don’t need a special introduction to Vegas Pro since this video editing software was and still is one of the best video editors for Windows ever created. That is why it is hardly a surprise that you can use Vegas Pro for much more than just making movie trailers. In fact, it is hard to imagine a video editing task you cannot perform with this video editing software. Vegas Pro lets you edit and export projects in resolutions that go as high as 8K, while it also provides a broad range of advanced video editing options, such as complete HDR support or planar motion tracking. In addition, Vegas Pro is compatible with Boris FX, AutoLooks OFX and numerous other plug-ins that enable you to create professional-looking movie trailers.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Price: $20.99 per month as a single app

Compatibility: macOS, Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro is arguably the most famous video editing software of all time that is frequently used to create movie trailers or entire full-feature movies. The software supports all video file formats, even those created by professional video cameras like Red Dragon or Arri Alexa. Adding and arranging video clips on the timeline won’t take too much effort, and you can also apply transitions between shots, or perform color correction in the software’s Lumetri panel. Adobe Premiere Pro features an impressive collection of visual effects, and all projects you create with this video editor can be opened in Adobe After Effects where you can create Hollywood-like visual effects for your movie trailers. However, you’re going to need advanced video editing skills in order to create a movie trailer for the project you’re working on in Adobe Premiere Pro.

6. Final Cut Pro X

Price: Free trial available, $299.99

Compatibility: macOS

No Country for Old Men, Cold Mountain or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are just a few among countless blockbuster movies edited on Final Cut Pro X. So, it is hardly a surprise that this iconic video editing software is one of the best movie trailer makers for Mac computers on the market. The video editor allows you to have complete control over each step of the movie trailer making process and enables you to make openers, apply a visual effect, create soundtracks and much more. Sadly, Final Cut Pro X doesn’t offer movie trailer templates, although you can save all your projects, which enables you to create your own movie trailer templates. In case you don’t have a lot of video editing experience, it is better to opt for a movie trailer maker that doesn’t require you to have an advanced set of video editing skills.

7. Avid Media Composer

Price: Free, pricing plans start at $23.99

Compatibility: macOS, Windows

Even though Avid Media Composer isn’t the most famous video editing software we included in this article, the features it offers stand shoulder to shoulder with those provided by Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. Both free and paid versions of Avid Media Composer are aimed at professional video editors, while some of the subscription plans are best suited for large media houses that have large teams working on the same project. Unsurprisingly, this video editing software is compatible with a broad range of audio and video plugins that extend its capabilities even further. Making a movie trailer with Avid Media Composer isn’t a task for an inexperienced video editor, but seasoned film industry professionals are going to have a lot of fun creating movie trailers with this video editing software.

8. HitFilm Pro

Price: Pricing options start at $390.00

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

The seemingly never-ending list of video editing features this software offers includes compositing and layering options, 3D camera projection or Behavior effects to mention a few. In addition, Hit Film Pro is also equipped with animation tools you can use to create movie trailers. The Particle Simulator tool can be used to create entire cities, simulate different types weather systems or make 3D objects. HitFilm Pro’s color correction features are no less impressive since they enable you to choose from hundreds of LUTs, use a damage simulator or choose from a variety of cine-style effects. The software grants you access to professional text and titling options which enables you to create unique opening titles or end credits for movie trailers you make with HitFilm Pro. Nonetheless, this video editing software is only suitable for industry professionals with years of experience.

Video Editing Tips to Help you Make Better Movie Trailers

Making a movie trailer is an art, since telling a story of an entire movie in just a few minutes is never easy. Even though most Hollywood trailers look alike, there is no fixed recipe you have to follow while making a movie trailer for your project. However, there a few guidelines that can help you convey the core messages of your movie to the audience.

1. Don’t Reveal Too Much

A movie trailer only needs to suggest what the movie is about, not tell its entire story. That’s why adopting the Less is More rule can be quite helpful during the process of making a movie trailer. Show just enough to spark the audience’s curiosity, because if you reveal too much they might feel as if they have already seen the best parts of your movie.

2. Find Creative Ways to Use Narration and Text

Giving the audience all the information they need solely through images isn’t always possible, which is the reason why nearly all movie trailers have a narrator. Recording a voiceover and using text to convey the information about the movie to the audience will make the trailer more informative and a better promotional tool.

3. Make a Soundtrack

Sound can give rhythm to a movie trailer, but it can also build suspense or suggest that something horrible is about to happen, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to add audio effects or music to movie trailers you are making. The sound effects and the music must match the video perfectly in order for your trailer to be effective, which is the reason why you should dedicate special attention to the trailer’s soundtrack.


The key concepts of making a movie trailer are always the same, regardless of the video editing software you’re using. Each movie trailer maker we featured in this article offers more than enough video editing tools to make a dynamic and captivating movie trailer, but how you are going to use these tools entirely depends on the demands of your project. Which movie trailer maker are you going to choose? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

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