Create Cartoon Characters From Your Photos

Create Cartoon Characters From Your Photos

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Create Cartoon Characters From Your Photos

Best Websites for Turning a Photo into a Cartoon

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Cartooning a photo is a simple and yet effective way of enhancing a picture and making it more visually appealing. Besides adding an artistic touch to portraits you take, cartooning a photo can also be a great way to have fun with your friends because the results of picture cartooning can be as entertaining as visually striking.

Besides portraiture, this visual effect can be applied to virtually any other genre of photography, although the contents of the shoot usually determine how well the effect is going to work. What’s more, you don’t need a professional video editing software to cartoon a photo, since there are so many websites that let you apply this effect to your photos for free.

That’s why we selected some of the best websites for converting a photo into a cartoon.

10+ Best Online Cartoon Photo Makers

Making cartoons out of photos doesn’t have to be a difficult task that takes a lot of effort to complete. In fact, online cartoon photo makers are easy to use and they don’t require you to have a lot of photo editing experience.

We’ve selected some of the best online photo editors and photo converters that enable you to cartoon your photos in just a few clicks.

Part 1: Best Free Online Cartoon Photo Editors

You don’t have to purchase an expensive photo editing software if you want to cartoon your photos because there are so many different online photo editing platforms that allow you to apply this effect to your photos for free. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

2. BeFunky

Befunky is one of the best photo editors you can find online, which is why it is hardly surprising that it offers cartoonization effects. In fact, you can choose from five different cartoonization effects that are all equally impressive.

All of the cartoon effects Befunky has to offer are located in the Artsy menu, and you just have to click on Cartoonizer DLX, Cross Hatch DLX, Pop Art DLX, or Graphic Novel DLX effects in order to apply them to your photo. Furthermore, you can use the Erase mode if you don’t want to catoonize the entire photo or head over to the Adjust menu to specify the amount of the effect you’ll apply and increase or decrease the photo’s sharpness.

Go to and you can then turn your photos to cartoon easily in BeFunky.

3. Lunapic

This is yet another online photo editing platform that gives you access to a broad range of photo editing options for free. Even though a bit outdated, the Lunapic’s interface resembles Photoshop’s interface, so you won’t need much time to get used to it if you ever used Adobe’s iconic photo editing software.

Once you’ve uploaded a photo, you just have to go to the Effects menu and select the Cartoon option. Lunapic will then automatically apply the effect to the photo you uploaded and you just need to preview the image before you save it. The only downside is that you can’t adjust the effect’s settings in case you don’t like the results.

If you want to add cartoon effect to photo with this photo editor, you can go to .

4. wish2be cartoon photo editor

If you would like to turn yourself or your friends into a cartoon character , Wish2Be cartoon photo editor can be a fun option. The platform’s Free Caricature feature allows you to become a cartoon character in just three easy steps.

You start by customizing the background, selecting the body type, hairstyle, or adding different accessories, gadgets, or even weapons. Once you are done, you can proceed to upload a photo of the person you want to turn into a cartoon character. Optionally, you can add a text layer and adjust its position and size within the picture. If you like the caricature you created, you can buy a print or you can choose to share your design for free. The Pro Cartoonizer feature this platform offers is only available if you purchase one of the available subscription plans.

Here is the website for cartoon photos with Wish2Be.

5. SnapsTouch

This is a simple online photo editor that lets you turn your photos into sketches, paintings, or drawings. Choosing the Painting option is probably the easiest way to turn a photo into a cartoon, although this effect can also be achieved with the Pencil Sketch feature.

After you upload a photo you want to turn into a cartoon, you can choose between Painting 1 and Painting 2 options in order to determine the style of the cartoon you’re creating. In addition, you can decide if you want to include the outline in the painting as well as set the size of the brush and how many levels the final image should have. Click on the Paint button and wait for SnapsTouch to generate the cartoonized picture, and you can then proceed to download it to your computer.

To use this online photo editor to cartoon, go to .

Part 2: 8 Free Online Photo to Cartoon Converters That You Should Try

Converting a photo into a cartoon automates this process, which makes cartoon converters a great option for anyone who finds online photo editing apps difficult to use. Here are some of the best online photo to cartoon converters you can use for free.

1. KusoCartoon

You can cartoon a photo with the photo to cartoon converter even if you never went through this process before. All you need to do is upload the photo to the platform, pick the cartoon style you like and click on the Photo to Cartoon button.

The platform will automatically apply the effect to your photo and display the results after it cartoons the picture. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can change the cartoon style, reduce or increase the number of colors, and adjust the saturation and brightness values. In addition, the platform lets you decide if the lines in the picture are going to be thick or thin or how intense the shadows are going to be.

Convert a photo to cartoon with KusoCartoon: .


Cartoon is just one out of hundreds of effects the platform offers. In addition to cartooning a photo, you can also use this platform to retouch portraits, enhance photos automatically, or apply different types of visual effects.

You can upload a photo from your computer, your Facebook profile, or the cloud and the platform will cartoonize it as soon as the upload process is completed. In case you don’t like the results you can click on the Adjustments button and open the image in the’s editor to enhance its colors or apply stickers. However, all photos you cartooned with this photo to cartoon converter are going to be watermarked if you use its free version.

You can visit to turn photos to cartoons with


You can turn a photo into a cartoon in just a few moments with this platform. is going to apply a cartoon effect to a photo you upload automatically, but it also lets you choose from dozens of effects that make photos look like cartoons.

You just have to click on an effect you like in case you don’t like the effect the platform selected for you to apply it. However, you can’t fine-tune the effect’s settings, and some of your photos may not look perfect after you apply a cartoon effect to them. Besides cartooning photos, you can use this platform to perform basic photo editing actions like cropping or rotating, while the platform also offers powerful text tools that enable you to add text layers to photos you cartoon.

To cartoon a photo with, go to .

4. PhotoCartoon

Creating cartoons from photos with this platform is a fun process anyone can complete. You just have to upload a photo via URL or from your computer and then proceed to choose one of the available cartoon effects.

You can choose from effects like Cartoon, Toon Cloudy, or Watercolor, and you can just click on the one you like to apply it to your photo. In addition, you can also add text to each photo you cartoonize with the platform and choose a font or the size and color of the text. Moreover, each effect can be adjusted using the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Hue sliders. The only downside is that the platform watermarks all photos you edit with it and you must purchase the PhotoCartoon software in order to remove it.

Want to create cartoons from photos with PhotoCartoon? Visit to get started.

5. Anymaking

This cartoon photo maker offers a basic set of photo editing options so that you can add frames around your pictures, crop, or resize your images and apply photo filters. Besides these tools, Anymaking also features an impressive collection of fun photo effects.

So, you just have to click on the Cartoon effect, and then proceed to upload a picture you want to turn into a cartoon. Once the picture is uploaded you can set the Color Level, Smoothness, and Edge Size values before clicking on the Apply Effect button. You can then save the cartoonized photo to your computer, but you should keep in mind that you must enable Flash in your browser in order to use the Anymaking online photo editor.

You can go to to add cartoon effect to photo to

6. Picture to People

Picture to People is much more than a simple photo to cartoon converter, as the platform features a photo editor, text customization tools, and a broad range of other photo editing options. You just have to upload a photo in order to start converting it. After the picture is uploaded you can adjust Color Improvement, Color Detail, Contour Style, and Contour Strength options.

In addition, you can choose whether or not you want to make a soft drawing. In case you do, you can adjust the Softness Level and Softness Extent values and then click on the Generate button. The platform will take a few moments to cartoonize your photo, but you can only download the photo to your computer since Picture to People doesn’t have social sharing options.

Go to\_effects/photo\_cartoon/photo\_cartoon.html to convert photos to cartoons with the Picture to People converter.


In addition to the Cartoon effect, the platform also features the Cartoons mode that cartoonizes photos automatically. Once you upload a picture from Facebook, your hard drive, or via an URL the platform will generate a preview where you can see how your cartoonized photo looks. Besides the Cartoon effect, this mode also offers the Face Morphing and Face Auto Crop options.

You should click on the Save and Share button if you like the result. However, fine-tuning the effect’s settings isn’t possible, so there isn’t much you can do if you didn’t like the results of cartoonization. Optionally you can open the photo you turned into a cartoon in the platform’s editor and add text layers, stickers or tweak the brightness and contrast values.

Visit to use the tool.

8. Prima Cartoonizer

All you need to do after you arrive at the Prima Cartoonizer’s home page is click on the Choose File button and the platform’s editor will launch as soon as the upload is completed. You can then start browsing through the huge collection of cartoon effects.

Once you find the effect you like you should click on it in order to apply it to your photo and then preview the results. Adjusting the effect’s settings is not possible, and some cartoon effects are only available on the desktop version of the app. Moreover, all photos you cartoonize on this platform are watermarked and you must install Prima Cartoonizer on your computer if you want to create watermark-free cartoons from your photos.

Want to convert photos to cartoons with Prima Cartoonizer, go to .


Online cartoon photo editors and converters are remarkably easy to use, and they enable you to turn any photo you take into an entertaining cartoon in just a few clicks. However, some of these online platforms watermark your pictures and don’t allow you to adjust the effect’s settings, which impact the quality of the final cartoonized photo.

Which websites for turning a photo into a cartoon are you going to choose? Leave a comment below and share your opinions with us.

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