Create Animated Videos 10 Best Cartoon Maker Apps for Android & iOS for 2024

Create Animated Videos 10 Best Cartoon Maker Apps for Android & iOS for 2024

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Create Animated Videos: 10 Best Cartoon Maker Apps for Android & iOS

Top 10 Best Cartoon Video Maker Apps on Android and iPhone

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The cartoons are the favorite of all. Do you wish to make your own self-invented cartoon characters? It is quite interesting and entertaining work to do and can be considered as a career option, whether Android or iPhone, the cartoon maker tools are to real pleasure to work on.

If you have creativity, cartoon video-maker enhances your skill to create cartoons. In this article, we will let you know the 10 best cartoon video maker app on Android and iPhone.

Best Cartoon Video Maker - Filmora

If you are looking for some simple while powerful video editing tools, Wondershare Filmora will be a good choice.

The keyframing features will help you make cartoon effects smooth and precise. You also can turn photos into cartoon style with one click.

Besides, various title templates and transitions are also available for you. Free download it to start editing videos now!

Note: Filmora can help you create different cartoon styles with various cartoon effects.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Filmora secure download Secure Download

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later

Filmora secure download Secure Download

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Part 1: Best Cartoon Video Maker App on Android

1. FlipaClip

If you have dreamt of making your cartoons, then FlipaClip can definitely help you. This cartoon video maker app helps to create clips and works on the principle of frame-by-frame. You just need to use the intuitive tools available to give shape to your creative idea for creating the animation video. The features of FlipaClip are-

  • You get an animation timeline
  • Text and drawing tools
  • Several layers of drawing
  • Create videos of animation and share on social platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube
  • Audio library, recording, import
  • Check out before and after frames
  • Pressure-sensitive pen support

2. Draw Cartoons

Forget the technicalities of making cartoons as the Draw Cartoons app make it an easy task to do. From drawing the cartoons to publishing, it is now very simple with this cartoon video maker app. The features include-

  • Using keyframes create smoothly animated cartoons
  • Items and characters embedded library
  • Add music or give a voice over for your cartoon characters
  • Templates for constructing characters
  • Export video files in mp4 format and share

best cartoon video maker - Draw Cartoons

3. Stick Nodes

This cartoon video maker app is created especially with the Android mobile device on the mind. Now, make stick-figure animations and export them to mp4 videos and animated GIFs in a few minutes. The younger generation animators love the Stick Nodes app which is basically inspired by the famous Pivot stick figure animator. The features are-

  • Instantly smooth animations with auto frame-tweening feature
  • Making epic movies is now possible as you can add sound effects to your frames
  • Add cinematic effects with the virtual camera for zooming and moving
  • Give real effects to your stick figures with gradient color tools
  • Adding texts to your animations is easy with Stick Nodes
  • Export and share your cartoons with your friends and family easily
  • Clean interface and mobile-friendly cartoon video maker app

cartoon video maker - Stick Nodes

4. Toontastic

Drawing, animating, and narrating your own cartoons is very easy with the Toonatastic cartoon video maker app. When you move your cartoon character on the screen and narrate your story, the Toontastic app records your animations and voice. It is saved on your mobile device as a 3D video. The features of the Toontastic app are-

  • There are several built-in songs that you may mix with your soundtrack
  • 3D drawing tools to draw your own cartoon characters
  • Create custom colored characters with photos
  • Lab chock full of playful characters, settings, and stories
  • Three Story Arcs for digital storytelling

Toontastic - the best cartoon video maker

5. Animate It

A tab or your smartphone, drawing sketches, animation, and poses are just a matter of a few minutes with this cartoon video maker app. It is a handy simplified tool with simplified controls like just a touch on the area by twisting the camera, dragging to move body parts, using two fingers to translate and zoom, and much more. The features of Animate It includes-

  • Creating and editing animation clips and each clip can contain 32 keyframes
  • Mirroring, reset, paste and copying poses
  • Next and previous frame “ghost” is available
  • Addition of user skins
  • Selection of props

animate it - carton video maker apps on Android

Part 2: Best Cartoon Video Maker App on iPhone

6. Animation Creator HD

Do you wish to add life to your creativity? Animation Creator HD is one of the most powerful yet simple cartoon video maker apps on the iPhone that offers drawing tools for convenient framework management. The limit of the Animation Creator HD is as far as your imagination runs. The features of this app include-

  • Option handles enable you to draw the lines
  • Navigation is easy
  • High-quality and smooth drawing experience
  • Excellent editing tools
  • Easy user interface
  • Direct upload on YouTube option

Animation Creator - cartoon video maker for iphone

7. RoughAnimator

The RoughAnimator cartoon video maker app has a comprehensive range of hand-drawn tools for iPhone and iPad users. The Rough Animator tool allows you to hand draw frame by frame. The other features of RoughAnimator are-

  • Lipsync by audio importing
  • Customized brushes
  • Resolution and framerate control
  • Playback preview
  • Onion skinning
  • Add after-effects, flash, or animate by importing the files to Adobe

RoughAnimator - cartoon maker for ios

8. Pixel Animator

You can do much more than just create cool pixel art with Pixel Animator. Turn an existing image or cartoon into pixel art by starting it from scratch. It is one of the best GIF creators or cartoon video maker apps. The feature of this tool include-

  • Sharing an animated GIF pixel is easy with this app
  • The GIF picture frame can be adjusted according to the previous or last picture, saving you a good amount of time
  • The existing GIF file can be edited
  • Both PC and mobile can be used to create your favorite GIF

Pixel - cartoon video maker iOS

9. Animation Desk

The Animation Desk cartoon video maker app lets you create frame-by-frame animation from scratch. You may also create cartoons upon the PSD layers, videos, and images. You can share the animations easily from your iPhone or iPad and export or import files in several formats. The features of the Animation Desk app include-

  • You get over 46 brushes
  • The videos can be transformed into line drawings
  • Colored onion skinning and copy-paste tool on your iPad only
  • Add music to your animated cartoon video
  • Set up frames per second as per your wish
  • Add various effects to your animation

Animation Desk - Cartoon Video maker

10. Puppet Pals HD

Creating your own unique animated cartoon video is easy and simple with the Puppet Pals HD cartoon maker app. You just need to select and bring your characters on stage, add backdrops and hit on the record. Your audio and movements are easily recorded in real-time. The features of this cartoon video maker app are-

  • Select the character of your cartoon from any image
  • Your storytelling can be based on any image at the backdrop
  • Use two fingers to zoom and rotate your characters
  • Double-tap to flip your characters

Puppet - best cartoon video maker for iphone


So, now you have a list of 10 cartoon maker apps. If you really wish to create your own cartoon characters, nothing can stop you from doing it. Pick any one cartoon video maker app, do some edits and filters, and your cartoons are ready in just a few seconds. If you want to make cartoon videos like a pro, here we recommend using Filmora . Just download it now to have a try (free)!

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Filmora secure download Secure Download

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later

Filmora secure download Secure Download

Click here to get Filmora for PC by email
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