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5 Best Online Video Trailer Makers

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Finding effective ways to promote the videos you create is almost as important as the quality of the movies you make. A movie trailer is probably one of the oldest marketing tools filmmakers use to advertise their upcoming projects. Nonetheless, you no longer need access to professional video editing software or advanced video editing skills to create a captivating video trailer, since online video editing platforms allow you to go through this process almost automatically.

That’s why in this article we are going to take you through some of the best online video trailer makers that enable you to make trailers for your videos with ease. So, let’s get started.

Top 5 Online Video Trailer Makers

Making a trailer online shouldn’t be a complicated task since you just have to put a few video clips together and add music to them . You just need to discover a creative way to combine the footage and the online video trailer makers we included in this article will do the rest for you. Here’s what the top five online video trailer makers have to offer.

1. Biteable


Price: Free, pricing plans start at $19.00 per month

In case you are looking for an online platform that allows you to make Facebook ads, Instagram stories, promo videos or trailers, Biteable may be one of your best options. The platform grants you access to a huge library of templates that can be used for a broad range of purposes. You can choose from editorial, book and YouTube channel trailer templates or you can start a new project from scratch. Furthermore, Bitable lets you upload footage from social media or cloud storage services. You won’t be able to download finished projects if you opt for the free version of Biteable, and you can only share ten video trailers on social media each month. That’s why you must opt for one of the available subscription plans if you want to create video trailers with Bitable on a constant basis.


  • Fully customizable video trailer templates
  • Biteable offers the option to make video trailers from scratch
  • Offers royalty-free music
  • The platform offers a huge selection of stock footage


  • All videos created with the free version of Biteable are watermarked
  • Equipped with only basic video editing tools

2. MotionDen


Price: $9.00 per video

MotionDen enables social media marketers and all other video content creators who publish their work online to create new videos effortlessly. The video templates you can find on this platform are organized into categories such as Ads, Instagram or Fashion which helps you avoid browsing through hundreds of templates searching for the one you can use to create a video trailer. You must log in to your MotionDen account before you can start editing a template. So once you’re signed in, you just have to upload the photos or videos and add the text to the text boxes that are already included in the template you selected. Optionally, you can also use MotionDen’s stock audio or upload a song you would like to use as a soundtrack from your computer.


  • No previous video editing experience required
  • Customizing a template doesn’t take a lot of time
  • Users can upload their own audio files
  • Video trailers can be published to YouTube directly from MotionDen


  • You must upgrade to the monthly plan if you want to download video trailers
  • All videos created with the free version of MotionDen are watermarked

3. MakeWebVideo


Price: Free, $29.00 for a full HD video

This video editing platform allows you to create a broad range of different types of videos, as it offers whiteboard animation, explainer video or movie trailer templates, among numerous others. Creating an account on MakeWebVideo is the mandatory step you need to take before you can start working on a new movie trailer. You just have to upload the footage, insert up to 21 lines of text, apply the visual effects to your footage, and MakeWebVideo will do the rest for you. All test versions of video trailers are free, but if you want to download them in full HD resolution you must pay a $29.00 one-time fee. In return, the platform will offer the hosting services for the video trailer you created as well as the media player viewers can use to watch the trailer.


  • A new video trailer can be generated in less than 15 minutes
  • All projects can be exported as MP4 or WebM video files
  • The platform also provides video hosting services
  • Offers a huge selection of video templates


  • No advanced video editing tools
  • The fee for different video templates can vary

4. Renderforest


Price: Free, pricing plans start at $9.99 per month

The process of creating a video trailer with Renderforest can be completed in just three simple steps. You just have to select a template, insert title scenes, videos, photos or logo animations and then decide if you want to publish the trailer on social media or download it to your computer. Renderforest grants you access to huge libraries of stock footage that are perfectly adjusted to the genre of the video trailer you select, which means that you don’t even need your own footage to create a trailer with this platform. Furthermore, you can also choose if you want to use the platform’s music library or upload the audio file you intend to use as a soundtrack for the video trailer you are making. It is worth noting that the free version of Renderforest doesn’t allow users to create videos that are longer than three minutes.


  • Renderforest is a versatile platform that can be used for a broad range of purposes
  • Great selection of movie trailer templates
  • The maximum duration of a movie trailer is not limited
  • Offers audio editing options


  • Exporting videos in resolutions larger than 360p isn’t possible
  • More expensive than other online video trailer makers

5. LightMV


Price: Free

LightMV is a video content creation platform that allows its users to turn their photos into videos. Simply choose a template from Social Media, Fashion, or Travel categories and upload the images to the template. The number of images you can include in a video trailer varies from template to template, although you can purchase lollies, the platform’s virtual money, that enables you to increase the number of images you can add to a template. Even though all templates have built-in soundtracks, you can add a new song from the platform’s music library or from your computer. LightMV can be used from a web browser, installed as software on a PC computer or downloaded as an app from Google Play or App Store.


  • LightMV offers an easy way to turn photos into videos
  • All templates are easily customizable
  • Equipped with basic audio editing tools
  • Good social sharing options


  • Downloading videos is only possible if you purchase lollies
  • No video editing tools


All film productions regardless of how big or small they are can benefit from online promotion. Each of the online video trailer makers we featured in this article is easy to use, and you don’t need a lot of video editing experience in order to customize a video trailer template.

Well, if you want to make a fully tailored trailer, I highly suggest you download Filmora with the buttons below. It definitely gives you the best value.

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