Add Wow to Your Videos Best Animated Text Apps for Phone

Add Wow to Your Videos Best Animated Text Apps for Phone

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Add Wow to Your Videos: Best Animated Text Apps for Phone

Best Apps To Animate Text In Video On Phone

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The addition of the animated text makes a video more alluring. The effects like disappearing, moving, and reappearing texts, changing the color and size of the texts in the video make it 10 times more likely to be viewed by the customers.

Many a time, we come across people who think that it is very difficult to create flying texts or moving objects with 2D text animation maker on PC . Let me tell you, it is not difficult at all. You may animate text in a video on your phone itself. Here’s a list of some great apps that can help you with text animation using your phone.

Moreover, if you also need to animate text on computer. Filmora video editor will be a good choice. It is the best animated text maker . In comparison to popular video editors, Filmora has the widest range of text effects and animations that you can apply to the text in your video instantly. Most importantly, you can customize and personalize the effects and animations as per your requirements.


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Free Download

Part1: Best Apps to Animate Text in Video

1. Legend

Content has the power to motivate people. When it is presented in an animated form, content becomes more attractive and eye-catching. Legend helps you to animate text in your video. Whether a tutorial or a product note, Legend’s text animation stuns your friends and viewers by turning the content into motion. Just type your text, select the animation style background and color and your video is ready to save. The features of Legend include-

  • Change background by adding a photo
  • Search images on Flickr
  • Save as video or animated gif
  • Allows sharing on Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Vine
  • Autoplaying gif sending allowed on Facebook messenger
  • Over 20 animation styles




A great app to animate text in the video, Tomo is a simple app with extraordinary features. Did you ever think that animation can be so simple and you can create text animation online? With Tomo you just need to enter the text you wish to feature in the video and select animation and background and you are ready to go, it’s that simple. The features of this app are-

  • Lets you add videos and photos
  • Add music in the background
  • Videos animation created can be saved in the photo gallery
  • Share videos on the social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram


3. Hype Type Animated Text Videos

Make your videos stand out amongst the crowd with the hype-type animated text videos app. You can animate text in the video by this auto-motion style and design typography app. The features of the hype type animated text videos include-

  • Add relevant quotes to your story with the magical button
  • Several colors to match your text and story
  • Choose the right style animation from a number of options
  • Spell check if you are wrong at any point
  • Single video or multiple clips, the app is suitable for all
  • Adjust text animation timing

hype type

4. Text Animation Maker

Create your own beautiful story with text animation maker. You just need to write, customize, and export it in mp4 format. The features of this app are-

  • Animated texts and shapes
  • Get 25 different styles of animation
  • Supports full unicode fonts
  • Animate text in video and create loops
  • Embed gif for better engagement
  • Unlimited characters
  • Change colors easily

Text Animation Maker

5. Steller

One of the most simple and easy ways to create stories and share, Steller personalizes the feel and the look of your entire story with elegance and easily usable design themes. The features are-

  • Create animated stories with texts, videos, and photos on your iPhone
  • Simple and elegant design themes
  • Private and public display of stories allowed
  • Share text animation online on a various networking platform
  • Creative hashtag community project participation



Part2: Animate Text in Video Online

If you feel that downloading an app to animate text in video is being troublesome, you can also try out the readily available online tools. Here are a few names that can be of great help in text animation online.

1. Flaming Text

Flaming text is more than just mere service. It offers graphic design tools completely free. No need of downloading or installing, just access it from any browser. Now, creating a logo or customizing text is just a matter of time. Text animation online has become simple and easy with Flaming Text. Create logos, draw or stick, make banners or invitations, Flaming text is an easy solution.The features are-

  • Find the best logos or text matching your theme
  • Several theme options
  • 20 logo categories
  • Browse fonts by author or fonts alphabetically
  • Font search tool

Flaming Text


Creating outstanding text animation on your browser is easy with this flash based text animation online tool Textanim. The feature of this app includes-

  • A clean interface
  • Controls and panels to customize your text effects
  • Split text into words, chars or lines
  • Dynamic and quick



Text animation is a great way to present your video. It is true that you can make animation on your phone, but editing on desktop is necessary if you want to have more controls on animation video. Here we recommend using Filmora . You can use it to make 3D animation text by adding keyframes, so the animated text will be smooth and natural. You just need to build a white plane to easily start making animation. When exporting, you can also export transparent animation text. Download it to have a try (Free)!

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